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Review for Maz-Tech Automotive
Crystal R. on 07/15/2013
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"A buisness with integrity "
I called for an appointment and was given an appointment that allowed me to get service within a few days. I arrived for my appointment on time, Craig greeted me, and took my information. My vehicle was taken into the very clean and orderly service area. My vehicle has a hoisting snafu so that was accommodated, no problem.
I am vigilant as to the condition of my vehicles. I am quite cautious when work is needed on my vehicles. I like to keep as current with conditions as I can, by actually watching what is being done. I stayed as close by as allowed, to make sure that repairs were handled in a timely manner and non-destructive way. There have been other times when a repair didn't go smoothly and it seemed my vehicle took the 'brunt' of the mechanic's frustrations. At MazTech this did not happen, although upon inspection of one of the check points, of which they observe many and give a report accordingly. There was pressure in a blocked line that erupted onto the service man and he handled it with great calm, no language nor retaliation. When service has been done at other repair businesses, things in need of repair seemed to ‘appear’ that were non- existent before arriving. Nothing like this happened with the staff at MazTech.
As mentioned before, I am vigilant as to the condition of my vehicles. Having shared this of course there are issues that do not 'present' without turning a wrench. I.e., a plugged rear differential issue was discovered and will be remedied soon. I was aware of another pending repair and it is now time to have that repair taken care of.
The owners of MazTech, work at keeping the staff, a lined with great quality standards, in place, when employees come on board to work at MazTech.
When the scheduled work was completed, I was shown a couple areas that need attention. I will schedule to have those repairs taken care of. My service experience was first rate and I will take my vehicle to MazTech for future maintenance. I will recommend to others that they have their vehicles serviced with by MazTech shop.
Vehicle: GMC Sierra
Service Date: 06/12/2013
Review Created: 07/15/2013 05:13 PM