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Review for Maz-Tech Automotive
Betty G. on 12/02/2011
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Betty said this business is the best in Boise, but is not cheap. She has had some minor difficulties with them in the past. One time she had a new radiator put into an old vehicle and the vehicle started lurching a lot. This was because a technician had left a hose loose. On another occasion no one noticed a power steering leak. After this last service visit she drove the vehicle at night and noticed the driver side headlight was not shining as much as it should. Part of the reflective lens had been broken out. She also noticed the passenger side turn signal amber light has burned out. No one at the business had noticed this and told her about it. She said they must not have checked for leaks or the lights. That used to be the first thing the old mechanics would do. The business not checking the lights and for leaks bugs her because she is charged a lot of money when she has her vehicle serviced at this business. Craig and Mike are really good with customers. Craig's customer service keeps people coming back. They write down what the customer says and do not mind the customer talking with the mechanics. She preferred the old method of writing the billing statements. The business does a pretty good job. She appreciated they talk shop with her and call before they do additional work.
Category: Service
Service Date: 11/04/2011
Review Created: 12/02/2011
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