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CHARLES H. ReScore Review on 06/10/2015
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"Continued Issue"

I apology as I have been involved in a substantial case and have not been able to return your calls.

You were very courteous and polite in terms of the call you made to me after my online review. Unfortunately, your offer to make repairs was too late as my son had already taken his car to another mechanic as he couldn’t wait any longer to have transportation.

There are a few items that I do not feel are entirely accurate in your account:

1) We never assumed that the car needed a new battery as we had a new NAPA battery put in the car just a few months prior to this incident. We only knew that the car stalled out and died on us and needed to be towed. The request made was for Bryan to check the car out to see what the problem was and to advise us of what needed to be done. We were told by Brian that it was a battery issue.

2) When my son came back and said that the AC was not working, Bryan realized that the problem had been misdiagnosed by your shop. Given the considerable amount of money I had spent a few months ago with your station to have the car completely examined and made safe for my son to drive, I was unhappy when Bryan advised that they now felt the problem was the crank pulley. I told him that I thought it may be best that I take back the car and donate it to charity and simply buy my son a new car.

Bryan said that the car wasn’t safe to drive and even offered to buy the car if I gave him a number. I told him that I would check the Blue Book value and get back with him. Bryan subsequently advised upon my providing him with the Blue Book value that he wouldn’t pay more than half as he wanted to make more of a profit. I was fine with that decision although I wish Bryan had not wasted my time on this subject.

3) Upon picking up the car, my son and wife were told that the cost of checking the car out would be an additional $100. I would have been OK with this if only Bryan had told me such upfront (despite the fact that the initial problem with the car had been misdiagnosed.) BTW, there was a towing charge that we incurred as well which I had accepted. The good faith offer should be to write off the $100 charge.

Thank you,
Vehicle: Lexus GS 300
Service Date: 05/29/2015
Review Created: 05/31/2015 02:56 AM

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"Lost confidence and trust in operation"
The mechanic misdiagnosed the car's problem which led the car to breakdown. To make matters worse, the store's personnel got upset when we did not authorize them to make an expensive repair and charged my wife a considerable amount of money just to discover that they were originally mistaken. The mechanic had not been honest about this fee being tacked on to the charges we had already paid to have the car towed in upon their first mistake.
Vehicle: Lexus GS 300
Service Date: 05/29/2015
Review Created: 05/31/2015 02:56 AM
Eric M. at McCullough Auto Care & Towing responded on 06/10/2015


Per our phone conversation, and in an effort to reaffirm our commitment to you, I would like to thank you for your time to clarify the misunderstanding that resulted in your dissatisfaction after your last visit.  The car's initial breakdown had nothing to do with anything being misdiagnosed. 

I would like to recap the order of events during the service visit so that the misunderstanding can be identified.  Originally, your car was towed in because of a failed NAPA battery (that had been purchased elsewhere).  I warrantied the battery, which resulted in no charge to you.  As a matter of good faith, I also did not charge anything for diagnostic fees and labor. 

After your son picked up the vehicle, he returned minutes later stating that he had hoped the a/c issue would be resolved with the replacement of the battery.  Although the battery and the a/c were unrelated items, it seems that he may have thought that the two were connected.  In order to check the a/c, as your son requested, it was necessary to service the a/c system.  After servicing, it was determined that it was low on freon.  

Also discovered during the a/c servicing, we found that the crank pulley was failing under load conditions (such as when the a/c is running).  This would not have been discovered under normal battery/alternator testing procedures.  If the a/c not working properly had been brought to our attention during the battery replacement, we would have tested the battery/alternator in a different manner.

The charge for the a/c service was approximately $120.  This is the only item we charged.

I have tried to reach you several times by phone to see if you were interested in my offer to perform the services the car still requires.  If you would like to accept my good faith offer of replacing the crank pulley and crediting the a/c service toward the crank pulley repair, please let me know.

Eric McCullough

Eric M. at McCullough Auto Care & Towing responded on 06/11/2015
To conclude the ongoing efforts to resolve issues shown
above, please see the message below that we received
from our customer, Charles H.

To: d****@m****.com

Subject: Resolution

Dear David,

I am pleased to advise that Eric and I have successfully worked through our misunderstanding and I am now completely satisfied.  If at all possible, I would appreciate your removing my initial survey feedback in fairness to Eric and his car care center.  

Thank you in advance for accommodating our request as we are prepared to give Eric a high customer satisfaction rating.