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TIFFANY O. on 09/11/2013
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"Didn't finish my diagnostic test that cost me $95"
I went in for a full diagnostic test to know what was wrong with my vehicle and why my check engine light was on. When I went to pick up my car I was told that I had to pay for a emissions test that we all knew I was going to fail. I was not informed of that before I left. I paid for my diagnostic test before I left under the impression that I paid what I needed to pay unless I told them to fix something. So not only was I charged for a unnecessary emissions test but they didn't even finish the diagnostic test. They told me that they only checked for the things that would make my check engine come on. I am a mother of 3, and I needed to make sure my car is running and safe. For a $95 diagnostic test, I wasn't told much. I feel cheated, and would like my full diagnostic test performed.
Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Service Date: 09/09/2013
Review Created: 09/11/2013 01:28 AM
Eric M. at McCullough Auto Care & Towing responded on 09/18/2013

Ms. Oglesby brought her car to me for a failed emissions diagnosis.  As I explained to her, the reason that I performed the emission test before any repairs or diagnosis were made was to ensure that any repair costs necessary for a passing emissions test would be able to be applied toward a waiver (if needed).  She had multiple codes in the computer indicating multiple issues.  Diagnosis revealed the check engine light was on because of a badly needed fuel filter and an egr sensor that needed replacing.  There was also a code for failed evaporative issues, however, that particular test was currently passing.  She was given a price for the two needed repairs, and I explained to her that we would need to drive the vehicle to be sure it would pass.  Ms. Oglesby stated she was unable to reach her husband for authorization for these repairs, and picked up the vehicle without completing any repairs.  She was also concerned that I did not check the rest of the vehicle and I told her that I would gladly do so when she returned for the repairs.  I don't understand how she feels cheated when, to my knowledge, we performed the diagnosis that she requested.  The only shortcoming on her expectation of the diagnosis would be a complete inspection of the vehicle, which was not actually requested.  As Ms. Oglesby stated in her review, she requested a diagnosis of why her check engine light was on.  I am still willing to perform a more thorough vehicle inspection when she returns.