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Review for Meyers Automotive
Jackie L. on 04/23/2013
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"Honest service. Love this place!!!"
Moved to the area a few years ago and needed new tires on my car. Actually purchased the tires from "another" place. The car just never felt right. Noisy and uncomfortable ride. A friend suggested I give Meyers a call to see if they could take a look. Well...the year old tires I purchased were not the best choice for my car. Of course I wanted to change the tires right away. Burke assured me that although the tires weren't "the best" option for my car they still had some life left to them and the car was safe and ok to drive (just noisy) and next year at inspection he would check them to see how the were wearing. I was thankful and did not have to get new tires at the time. Fast forward...got the new tires and I can't believe the difference...the car drives like new. Meyers is all about the customer and what's right for them...i wont go anywhere else!!! Burke and his team are the BEST.
Vehicle: Honda Pilot
Service Date: 04/19/2013
Review Created: 04/23/2013 04:16 AM