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Robert A.
Prospect, OR
Ford Five Hundred
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Throttle body,and China built starter.
Gary :I'm have several friends that told me that I paid a lot for throttle body,lchecked. Napa ,319.00 dealer cost 537.00. Whats up I'm real surprised.Robert Abel?
GARY M. from Miller Auto Care Center responded on 06/29/2017

It seems to me that I am just a phone call away, if you are having problems with our cost...First, I would like to know, if you are having anymore drivability problems...I gave you a estimate of $1200-$1300 to replace on 4/14/2017 the 1st time you had a driving problem with your (336000 mile) Ford 500...At that time we tried to service the throttle body but it was a late Friday afternoon & you needed vehicle for trip for the weekend...The parts prices you commented from NAPA were REBUILT parts 4 to 5 days out...When I spoke to you for repair (5/30/2017-EST-$1200-$1300) we discussed these options...We do not have muck luck with rebuilt parts & the warranty sucks...We used a NEW OEM FORD UPDATED complete assembly KIT on your vehicle as dicussed...We also replaced the gaskets & seals at our quoted price....As far as the engine starter goes, the Napa Starters were REBUILT at $185 list (warranty sucks)...as you & I discussed, we decided to go with the NEW OPTION for $250 plus labor cost (Total--$400)...You also decided to not replace your worn flywheel as per our recomendation...Sorry that your friends seem to know more than your auto technician...
(PS--Our markup on the parts cost was only (33 1/3%) which is low in the auto repair world).... Sincerely GM