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Review for Momentum BMW Mini-Body Shop
Tamer K. on 08/20/2014
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"Hack JOB"
This is in regards to the Momentum Collision Center, which I cannot recommend you use for your Porsche - I Had a minor fender bender, my bumper was damaged and it was to be repaired and repainted.

I received the car, and it was dirty (I understand it was raining the day of), one of the tire pressure caps was missing and indicator light was showing minus 6 PSI, I wish my problems ended there.

Got home, washed the car only to discover, the horrible hack job they performed on my 2014 Cayenne with 5000 miles and change.

In places unrelated to the damage, at the edges of the bumper in 4 distinct places there was touch up paint used, which can only be described as on top of the clear coat, and looking like a bic white out pen was used. Bubbles of paint under the clear coat on one side of the bumper, a new dimple on the edge of the bumper, clear coat sticking to another bumper, and horribly uneven gaps.

I was told gaps are what they are it goes on the way its going to go on.

It is now back in their garage, insurance was settled so I don't have a loaner, and I'm waiting to see the results and will update, I can't speak for momentum Porsche Sales, but if you do buy your car here DO NOT USE THE MOMENTUM COLLISION CENTER, do not subject your expensive Porsche to the carelessness of their body shop.

I cannot for a moment fathom, how a body shop would use touch up paint on a bumper that they just stripped, re painte

It is now being repaired for the second time. I will update if they get it right. 3 weeks total for a bumper.
Service Date: 08/20/2014
Review Created: 08/20/2014 02:57 PM