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Review for Motorplex Auto & Heavy Truck Repair
Abraham R. on 07/16/2016
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"Worst service ever"
Avoid this shop at all costs. I took my car there 7 years ago to have a windshield replaced, saw adhesive inside passenger compartment afterward but just thought sloppy cleanup on their part. Fast forward to needing the windshield replaced now, and Maxine at Motorplex tells me the seal around the windshield was faulty which caused underlying rust which had to be repaired AT MY EXPENSE to replace the windshield. After I told her and another employee there was no way I was paying a single penny to fix their shoddy work, they agreed to have a subcontractor come out to complete the windshield replacement. When I came to pick up the vehicle, I was not offered any paperwork or documentation whatsoever about the windshield replacement. I came back inside, but Maxine, who had my vehicle brought to the front, was no where to be found. Jason, another employee, was on the phone but not once acknowledged me as I stood and waited for him to look up and at least twll me he would be right with me. After I had waited for five minutes, I had to call Motorplex on my phone, and I was connected to Maxine. When I told her I needed an invoice or receipt or something showing what work was done, she told me she was with a different customer and that I was going to have to wait for at least 10 minutes. I then asked Jason for the invoice, but he initially refused to do anything to assist me, telling me I was going to have to wait for Maxine. When I persisted in getting a copy of thr invoice, he eventually went back into an adjacent office and began looking through some files. He found the invoice but did not return to the front area to give it to me. I again had to call Motorplex from my cellphone, was connected to him, and again I told him I needed a copy of the invoice. He eventually brought it out but refused to give it to me for at least five minutes. He proceeded to get in my face, point his finger directly at me, and threaten to assault me. John also came to the front desk and threatened me also. Once Jason gave me my invoice, I left. I will tell everyone I know about the shoddy service, refusal to take responsibility for the shoddy service, and beyond horrible customer service when I picked up my vehicle. I am going to request my insurer not cover repairs at your shop.
Vehicle: Subaru Forester
Service Date: 07/15/2016
Review Created: 07/16/2016 09:44 PM