Murfreesboro Auto Repair Review from Cindy L. on 06/22/2018

Cindy L.
Tullahoma, TN
Honda Civic Si
Verified Customer
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My EXPENSIVE Honda Repair
In my 42 years of driving a car I have NEVER been charged so much for labor. My repair bill was OVER 770 dollars and 541 dollars of that was for "LABOR". Using some computer to diagnose a problem is a clever way to find out what is wrong with the vehicle by to charge for that time connected on the computer is a waste of my hard earned money. I would like to think that these mechanic's that you have working for you can FIND the problem on their own. (my car over heated and the problem was apparently the radiator)
Understandably I was in a bind after being stranded in Brentwood and ending up calling this repair shop for much needed assistance. But getting the FIRST phone call from this repair shop and being told that it was going to cost me 147 dollars to just look at the car...come on that is just taking advantage of people.
I have told my friends (Tullahoma and beyond) that this repair shop, I feel, takes advantage of people. And if this review is posted I want any and everyone that the repairs at this shop are too expensive for the "blue collar worker" and if they can go elsewhere for all their automotive repairs.
Oh yea...I did get a 54 dollar discount.....
Eric I., Owner Operator from Murfreesboro Auto Repair responded on 06/22/2018

Sorry you feel that our pricing structure did not meet your budget requirements. The radiator labor portion of the repair was only $248 the part was $127.87. We spent several hours diagnosing your vehicle, yet we waived the first diagnostic hour. Many coolant leaks are easily determined by a coolant pressure test. The leak from your radiator was a hairline seam which was much harder to detect and took additional diagnostic time. Additionally, we also replaced a thermostat and relay which was additional parts and labor. Also you requested we perform a brake inspection and stated our pricing was in line with another brake estimate you received. We would have waived the brake inspection if you had approved the brake repair. You have a 4yr/48k parts and labor warranty on the work performed. We also helped you coordinate your tow. We have many "blue collar" customers and have aways worked hard to provide a quality repair at affordable prices. While our pricing might not always be the least expensive, we are often told our pricing is less expensive considering the ASE Master Tech expertise, OEM parts we use, the warranty, and free loaner cars. We wish you the best with your future car car needs.