Murfreesboro Auto Repair Review from Verified Customer on 06/03/2020

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Columbia, TN
Chrysler Town & Country
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Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
A bit disappointed, but ultimately not their fault.
So I had an issue with my van and they took care of the issue. But then I was told that there was a more serious issue after they fixed the first issue. A bit questionable but I called another garage and they confirmed that what they said is possible. Ended up needing a new engine. This was pretty tough news since I have only had the van for 5 years. Holly and Joe were super nice people to deal with and tried to help me out as best they could. But I was disappointed that they made me pay the full amount of my bill and didn't give me some kind of a discount. The bill was over $750. Don't misunderstand me, The laborer is worthy of his wages, but with that situation, I may have given the person some discount since I have to get a new car now. But I digress.