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Review for Norm's Car Care
David I. on 09/11/2014
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"Excessive charges"
I have always been pleased with my service in the past. Repairs have been appropriate and charges while not cheap have been a little on the high side but by the book. However, my most recent trip seemed out of character. I called for a specific replacement of a fan relay that I had already diagnosed. I planned to replace it myself as the part was available for about $58 and the repair not too involved. Because I didn't have the time to make the repair myself, I took it to Norms. The charge for the work was $278 including $128 for the part, $75 for labor and another $75 for "checking the installation" after completion. In this case the charges seem excessive to me considering the actual work involved. I expect to pay for the labor and a reasonable charge for the part, but have reservations when the charges seem out of line with reasonable expectations. Further, I can't quite see how there should be such an exorbitant charge for simply checking the work that was done; I thought this is what any professional does to confirm their work. This has affected my plans for future repairs and willingness to make referrals.
Vehicle: Dodge Grand Caravan
Service Date: 09/09/2014
Review Created: 09/11/2014 04:31 AM