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Verified Customer
Gilbert, SC
Chevrolet Tahoe
Verified Customer
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Oil change and diagnostics
Was not informed ahead of time about the $60 diagnostics charge. Was charged at pick up after oil change.

Fuk E.
Lexington, SC
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zero starts would be ideal Fool us once...shame on you...Fool us twice...SHAME ON YOU (@$$h0!E).
After dropping my car off just to have it LOOKED AT!....LOOKED AT. It was 101 outside...My AC was def working....I had to go to work afterwards....DRY! I tell them call ME, not my dad or parents they have been ripping off for years regardless how many times ive begged them not to waste thier time with these cons. So finally someone calls, tells me the took at look at what i asked them to but oh BTW your AC isnt working.....!??!??! WHAT!?!?! GIVE ME MY CAR BACK!!!! NOW!!!!
I'm sorry Sir thats going to be $187.93 diagnostic charge. NO! NO! It IS NOT!
After in volving lawyers, wasting valuable days, times and brain cells on these sweet talking con artist I still eneded up paying $80 for them to confirm something was installed properly (BY ME). NEVERMIND the fact the ruined my AC fan motor, ($165.00 part). I put this in MYSELF.

I wont ever go anywhere else other than that placeoff piney grove road, past costco, turn left, 1/2 mile its on your right... THEYRE GREAT!!!!