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Verified Customer
Hampstead, NC
Toyota Tacoma
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Not so good service
I had a problem with a battery that I bought here. The service manager was less than accommodating and didn’t even offer to carry the defective battery in. He said they had to do a test to verify the issue even after my having NAPA do the same. After several hours I called to check status before they closed. The manager said he tried to call but we didn’t answer and my phone wouldn’t allow him to leave a message that the battery was bad. He said he wouldn’t have a battery until the next day. I checked my phone and answering service and it had no issue. The next day I went to get the battery and it appeared used excessive scraping on the outside and terminals looked recently brushed clean. He indicated the battery was new. Very disappointed at the service!!!

Kathryn C.
Hampstead, NC
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