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Review for Pico Rivera Auto Clinic
Aaron O. on 07/09/2016
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Aaron said he chose this business because it was close by and the business he usually receives service from was closed for the day. He didn't like the way he was charged at this business. He was asked how much he was charged at his last place of business and immediately thought that was strange. He saw a sign out front advertising the oil changes at this business for less than what he was charged. The sign said $24.99 for an oil change but he was charged more. The experience wasn't that great for him and it took him longer to get in and out than it would have at his normal place of business. He wasn't completely satisfied, it was the first and last time he will be going there. He said he felt the sign was misleading and will continue with his normal place of service.
Vehicle: Toyota Corolla
Category: Service
Service Date: 07/06/2016
Review Created: 07/09/2016
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John S. at Pico Rivera Auto Clinic responded on 07/12/2016

Hello , first iam very sure i told you that your car takes a thin kind of oil you going after a prise , iam hoing after what i should put in your in engine , whicj 5w30 oil , if any thing go wrong u would say hey the wrong oil thats the reson thats one, #2 i did gave the prise if it did not go with u could afford iam sorry, #3 the reson i asked what you pay for your oil change i waan make u what oil are using u did not know that , iam sorry that u felt that way, my advice to if you dont like the prise dont have us do it than say that we over chaging buz i think that was more than fare what i charge you go out and buy 4.5 qts 5w30 and oil filter oil s bleend you would how much u pay, the signs says most read , agian im sorry, we also said u need an air filter so dirty u want us to dust it off. , u filter sould be replaced.