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CAROLYN M. on 07/03/2012
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"service on july 2, 2012"
I am disappointed with my visit yesterday. I was to get the a/c promotion (flyer mailed to my home). I ended up spending $99 on a diagnostic and a listen to rattle. I wonder if I had not shared information about my car that the experience would have been different. I had told the tech about a/c issues from last summer and what another car place said I should do, which I did not because I could not afford it, and, after my son put freon in it, it has been working perfectly. I thought it might have a slow leak. But I still don't know because the flush and fill (if that is what you call it) was not done. After two hours, I was told that it would cost me $1400 to fix my a/c, although what exactly it needs is not written on my invoice anywhere. My invoice also says left front wheel bearing is loose, but no estimate was given for that, nor the importance of having it fixed. I do not understand why the flush and fill was not done within that two hour time, while I waited. Instead, at the end of all that, I was told that I could still have it done, but it would pretty much be unnecessary if I were to have the $1400 job done. So I did not. After all, it should have been done already, as that is what I came in there for. I still don't know if there is a leak or not. I am very disappointed. I do not know much about cars. I thought I found a place that would be honest and do the best service for a fair price. I am $99 out and nothing was serviced on my car.
Vehicle: Saturn Vue
Service Date: 07/02/2012
Review Created: 07/03/2012 09:38 AM
Jeff & April R. at Platte Woods Precision Auto Care responded on 07/10/2012
First of all we have already replaced the left front wheel bearing last december and i failed to take the recommendation off of the invoice at that time, thats why there was no estimate given. Second we did confirm what the shop told her last year, the compressor does need replacement due to the leakage at the compressor seal and failing compressor clutch. We felt it would be a waste of refrigerant to charge the system up for it to leak out if in fact she would be repairing the system. We did make the of not typing a good diagnoisis on the repair order as we should have, i will admit that words are quite sparce on the invoice and that we only verbally talked with with Ms Morris on the issues she was having. Please let us know what we can do to make you happy as we are here to fix your car right and make you happy at the same time.