Poulsbo RV Kent

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Review for Poulsbo RV Kent
Craig H. on 09/29/2011
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
Craig said that he was a little disappointed that he wasn't provided with an owners manual and information packets. He would have loved to go straight home and start going through the features and other information. He is a slow learner and he has already forgotten some of the things his sales person pointed out to him. He is also still waiting on the remotes. It’s been about three days and his sales person Dave hasn't contacted him yet about these things. He is in sales and when there are still things needing to be worked out with a customer the follow up on those things is very important. A customer shouldn't have to call and find out. Other than that, everything was good. He was very pleased with the people he dealt with and the product he received. Note customer did say yes to completely satisfied.
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Review Created: 09/29/2011
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