Pro-Tow 24hr Towing & OnSite Truck Repair

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Review for Pro-Tow 24hr Towing & OnSite Truck Repair
Sharon on 07/13/2011
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Sharon said she didn't speak with a dispatcher because her insurance company handled it all. She was in no rush, but the driver arrived within 25 minutes exactly as they'd promised. She even called the next day because she was so very, very pleased. The young man was very, very nice, very professional, and very kind with her vehicle. He didn't manhandle her vehicle and she called because she couldn't have been happier, and she couldn't have received better service or better courtesy. Sharon was not only pleased but also surprised. In these days a person gets a young kid and hopes for the best, but the driver couldn't have been nicer. Sharon is 70 so everyone is young to her, but he was probably about in his 20's. He knew what to do and he got it done. Her vehicle is very special to her. It's like part of the family, and he couldn't have been gentler with it or nicer. Sharon had never had a vehicle towed before, and she would have said something if it was man handled, but she was just watching and didn't say anything. He couldn't have been nicer with her or her vehicle. Sharon was very impressed and she wants him to have the credit for this. This company needs to know what a very good employee they have.
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Service Date: 06/01/2011
Review Created: 07/13/2011
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