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Review for Protire - Autocare
ANNIE B. on 08/10/2015
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"At first the people, Now the people nor the service is GREAT anymore"
The last time i brought my car in for service i had almost a 1000 Dollars worth of work done,now when i drove my car i don't care how long or how far ,how many days before i realized that my car is NOT riding right i have a right to bring it back to the place that did my work
On the other hand a man that i trusted for years at PRO TIRES really showed me his true color
After i called him to say what was wrong those was all his remarks about why i didnt bring it in the next day or earliar than the miles i had in my car before i calked him to recheck it
Drew offered to come to my home and pick my car up due to the fact i was upset, my car wasn't riding right and they had just did the work,NO where in that conversation did Drew tell me that i was going to be charged $77.00 plus some change for him coming to get my car to see what i was feeling. Because he,they didn't find anything at the time that don't mean i didn't at the time either.At that moment, I told Dreq we didn't have that conversation and Hell no i wasn't paying for nothing because my car should have been right the first time. Who to say there was something wrong when he picked it up,they won't tell me,they don't want the mistake to be known i would never know i wasn't there and i am not an mechanical person to know.
I'm debating on whether or not i would be bringing my car back there i don't feel comfortable any more with the managers. Or them working on my car they just might mess it up or break something and make me come out if my pocket for nothing.
I am very very disappointed in Drew i never had this problem before,check my paper trail you would see the business i brought to that place.
Please let me know whereyou all have another store that takes my PRO TIRE credit card and that will be wherei would go.
Drew were very ugly with me even hung the phone up in my face when i was still talking because i told him he better pay for it because I wasn't, ya'll did the service fix it. It was not my responsibility to bring it to no one else to fix their mistakes.
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Galant
Service Date: 07/29/2015
Review Created: 08/10/2015 02:27 PM