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Daniel B.
Ponre, South Sulawesi
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
How Hyundai Warranty work
Yes, it seems buying Hyundai will give you better sleep.
But when you hear about my story.
A story from me who want to try and brought my first Hyundai car.
(BTW, I have owned 2 Nissan, 3 Toyota and 3 Honda)
On top of that, I work for US big 5 Consulting companies and I need travel all over the US to work very weeks in the pass 20 years.
I have been drive almost every model of car every weeks over pass 20 years.
What I try to said is my experience on the car is mostly more then most of people work on job that not required travel.
This is use to prove my detail review later.

My advised to you is do not trusted Hyundai warranty advertised 100000 miles/60000 miles?

Those are not true, Hyundai dealers specially this one and Ontario Hyundai where i brought my first Hyundai. They already bring me too much stress where I have visit multiple times even take days off from my job just try to get my car fix with their warranty policy.

I will write my final review, a very long one later. I continue try to work with this car dealer to get my car fix under the warranty.

I will give my review not just here but all social media to let people knowing the true How Hyundai warranty been lied to people. How you will struggle to get your car fixed. How stress you will face.

Update review will follow up in next two months

Silvia S.
Fullerton, CA
2013 Hyundai Equus
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
04/30/2018 Category: Service
Mr, sean kim was great.
I will surely go back to him for any services.

Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
04/30/2018 Category: Service
CHAN P., service manager from Puente Hills Hyundai responded on 04/30/2018

Hi Silvia,
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I am very sorry to hear of your recent experience.
Your survey rating is reflecting to Sean Kim only.
I would like the opportunity to make it right and ask that you please contact me directly. You can reach me by phone or by the email to chanp@phhyundai.com. Thank you once again for taking the time to let me know about your experience

Sunny L.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Poor Customer Service
If I can give 0 or negative Stars, I would. I went in to PH Hyundai for a 30K mile maintenance since it was the closest dealership to my employer. I made an appointment online for an 8:30am drop off. Since I figured it was going to be busy for PH Hyundai's Service Department in the morning, I arrived to the dealership at 8:10am. I was promptly greeted at the Service Line and ushered inside to be processed by one of the Service Reps. Once inside and standing in a line, the customers in front of me was handled promptly. Then, I had the unfortunate luck to have Sean Kim come up to ask who was next in line. When I spoke up, he motioned for the couple behind me to proceed to his workspace. I then asked if he was the Service Rep and told him I was next. His reply to me was rude and discourteous. He then proceeded to process everyone who came after me. When I was the only customer remaining, he left the Service Department area. This is absolutely the worst Customer Service I have ever encountered. Javer Esquivel was at his workspace as well. And, he totally ignored me. PH Hyundai prides itself on having "Certified" Service Professionals?? I highly doubt it. By 9am, I finally was helped by Alex Lee. He was courteous, respectful, and a professional. However, Sean Kim and Javer Esquivel had already given me a bad taste in my mouth regarding in bringing my vehicle to PH Hyundai for service ever again. Nevertheless, I do appreciate that Alex Lee had been able to get me processed and on the shuttle to my office by 9:25am. A big thanks to him.

Rowland Hghts, CA
2016 Hyundai Tucson
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Patrick M.
Whittier, CA
2005 Hyundai Sonata
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Joe J.
Los Angeles, CA
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Yemin H.
El Monte, CA
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Alexandra G.
West Covina, CA
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