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ROBERT F. on 04/28/2015
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"Outstanding Service"
I originally went in to have the oil changed, and have the engine looked at, as it was making some noise. After looking at the car, they informed me that I had thrown a rod, and that a new or rebuilt engine was my only option. I asked for a day to think it over, and I rented a car to get me home that evening. After talking with my wife, we decided to donate the car, as it was 11 years old, and did not want to put that much into an older vehicle. They agreed to keep the car in their lot, until I could arrange for someone to pick up the car, I dropped off my title, and they did completed the pick up for me. No charge, for keeping the car on their premises. When I returned the rental, I brought my out of warranty BMW to them to change the oil, as I knew that they could be trusted to complete the service and do the right thing. What a pleasure to do business with people who understand it is more than money, it is building trust and relationships, with their customers.
Vehicle: BMW 325Ci
Service Date: 04/25/2015
Review Created: 04/28/2015 07:18 PM