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KIRSTEN N. on 05/10/2016
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"Mixed Feelings"
I have happily been going to Purrfect Auto for a few years now but recently when I've brought my car in a few times complaining of the same recurring issue and your techs kept telling me nothing was wrong. However, my car died on me twice in 3 days, once being just 20 minutes after I picked my car up from your shop. After taking it elsewhere to get at least 3 "second opinions'" the issue was diagnosed and resolved. I'm disappointed that I had to take my car elsewhere for the issue to be resolved and extremely disappointed to have my car die just 20 minutes after your shop told me it was fine.
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Service Date: 05/07/2016
Review Created: 05/10/2016 08:43 AM
David H. at Purrfect Auto responded on 05/10/2016

Hi Kirsten,
I share your disappointment that our techs were not able to catch the problem with your vehicle; it's our goal to solve all our customer's vehicle problems. Unfortunately, the electrical system tested out fine when we checked it and the vehicle started without any issues when we returned the car to you. Would you mind sharing with me the resolution to your problem so I can discuss with the mechanics to ensure they catch the problem the next time it presents itself?