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WENDY P. on 05/20/2014
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"Purrfect Auto is the only shop we need"
I'm a single mom with two 20-something sons and we always take all 3 cars to Purrfect Auto. I know very little about cars and the folks at Perrfect Auto always take time to explain what is and isn't needed and why. As an example, my son was looking to buy a used car and we, of course, took it to Purrfect Auto for the AAA used car check (during which they do about 20 extra checks not required by AAA), they found numerous significant safety issues that should have been fixed before the care was sold, two of which could have resulted in a car fire with my son driving. Purrfect Auto immediately got on the phone to the dealer. End result: the dealer made the repairs including new tires free of charge. Purrfect Auto has our business as long as the same guys are in that shop.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Service Date: 04/25/2014
Review Created: 05/20/2014 08:35 AM