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Ursula S. on 03/02/2013
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Spoke with Renee. She said they took the vehicle to this business and they did a diagnostic. The found that there was a problem with the ignition and charged $450. When she picked up her vehicle she was still having issues and took the vehicle back. She was then told the diagnostic machine's computer was out when she brought her vehicle back in. When they hooked up her vehicle and she was told the computer was out. She does not understand how they could say there was a problem with the ignition when the diagnostic machine was broken and if it was the ignition or how she could even start the vehicle. The lights inside the vehicle are dim and the head lights are not working properly. She said Ursula would still recommend this business, because it was AAA certified.
Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Category: Service
Service Date: 02/05/2013
Review Created: 03/02/2013
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Mike G. at Quality Auto Service responded on 04/24/2013
There obviously was a mis-communication here with Ursula. I believe she mistook her computer being broken with our diagnostic computer. Her vehicle had a couple of problems and symptoms. We first repaired what was described as a driveability problem, then a stalling problem.