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Review for Quality Auto Service
Melanie A. on 02/22/2014
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Melanie said she is not totally satisfied with her reacent visit because she took her vehicle back to this business on several occasions and was continually told there were other unspecified issues to the vehicle than they previously thought.
Vehicle: Cadillac DeVille
Category: Service
Service Date: 01/23/2014
Review Created: 02/22/2014
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Mike G. at Quality Auto Service responded on 02/26/2014

When Melanie first came to my shop, she had just purchased this 1986 Cadillac Deville for $900. At that time it would not pass smog (Check engine light on), had multiple mechanical including overheating, multiple oil leaks, no power steering assist in one direction, some extrior lights were inoperative, and the tilt steering column was very loose. I spoke to her for about 30 minutes about the vehicle and told her the smog was the sellers responsiblity and with all of the repairs she should return the vehicle, get her money back and find a more suitible car. After spending $2800 at another shop just to fix the head gasket problem she returned it to my shop to deal with the steering column, power steering, and start fixing the oil leaks. After doing those repairs for $1500 or so, we cleaned the motor and told her to return to recheck if it had any more leaks. Three weeks later she returned with the vehicle and we lifted the car, checked it (at no charge) and found the front crank seal leaking and most probably the rear main seal also. It is a 30 year old aluminum block Cadillac. It will always leak oil unless you install a $6,000 engine, which I would never advise doing in a $900 car.Then three weeks after that I received this 2 star evaluation. Sorry Melanie, I told you to return the car in the first place.-Mike