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Bill E.
Cambridge, OH
Chevrolet Pickup
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Terry S.
Pennington Gap, VA
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This garage is a joke!!
I don’t know about their work, but their customer service is horrible. I have a vehicle with over 200,000 miles and I was going to have a new radiator, and head put on it and they turned me away because they said they don’t replace head gaskets on vehicles with this many miles. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the higher mileage vehicles that keep garages open and in business? Maybe this garage is lacking knowledge of major vehicle work and just likes to change oil and brakes. I would like to add that I chose this garage to call because they are also a jasper dealer and if the engine could not be fixed I would have had a remanufactured engine placed in it. I work up here I’m 400 miles from home and have 5 weeks to get it fixed. Next time before you dismiss a head gasket job remember it may turn into a engine replacement. Thank you for calling to try and persuade me to remove my negative review but as I stated over the phone I’m not removing this review. I did not change my review I added to it like I am now. First of all you should have a secretary as a middle man discussing over phone a customers needs. I call and ask to have it looked at to see if it could be fixed, because that would be the cheapest route. I live 400 miles away and only use this vehicle for work. Secondly when Jim called me he wasn’t explaining anything he was hoping I would remove my negative review. Little do you guys know I’m am a ASE certified diesel master mechanic. I have rebuilt engines in the middle of firefights in Iraq and Afghanistan I know if an engine if worth repairing or not. Thirdly I did take my Jeep to another mechanic and I paid for a jasper remanufactured engine to spite reeds top tech I didn’t pretend to do anything. So as I stated before think before you dismiss a customer that head gasket job may possibly turn into an engine replacement that they have plenty of money to pay for it. This was my review on google.
(This is an automated e., Owner from Reed's Top Tech AutoCare responded on 09/16/2018

We have never met this gentleman or worked on any of his vehicles. He simply got mad at our secretary when she explained to him we do not put head gaskets and new heads on an engine with over 200,000 mles on it. When I called this customer later to make sure he had not misunderstood the reasons why, he got very angry because he wanted us to put new a new head and gaskets on his engine that had been severely overheated. He told me he did NOT want to invest a lot of money in a new engine. I am amazed that he has taken upon himself to try to destroy our reputation just because we would not work on his Jeep. We wish him well. 

Brian H.
Parkersburg, WV
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New Concord, OH
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As a disabled combat veteran and customer, this is by far the worst auto "repair" service I have ever experienced. The owner, Jim Reed, is very snide and completly unprofessional. I took my car in to get the brake system replaced. Also the rear hub needed replaced. Upon finding out they were going to have to damage my car further to fix the hub, it was going to cost almost $500 extra for their lack of knowledge and know how. After his hour long argument about the hub, we had to leave without the car because they refused to put the wheel back on. The next day, we are told that the car will now make a noise in the hub due to their failed job attempt. He then stated he will not allow me to test drive it to make sure the brake job was done correctly. After arguing through AAA they finally convinced him that I will be test driving my vehicle. Upon driving it, it was clear that the brake travel was very excessive. I allowed Jim to test it himself but he denied the claim. He then slams the brakes causing the car to skid down the road and tires to squall, he says "there how do you like that!" To my utter discust in how he treated me and my car, I asked him to pull over and let me drive my car so that he does not further damage it since he clearly doesn't respect veterans, customers, cars nor AAA standards. With New information and no signed agreement they are refusing to take payment with a Visa! Not only does their website say they accept Visa but so does their front window. Absolutely disgusting people! If it was possible to rate in negative stars I would rate it negative 5 because of their poor work performance and unethical customer treatment. I would highly recommend to STAY AWAY from Reeds Top Tech in Cambridge Ohio. They will lie, mistreat you, and mistreat your vehicle. They will tell you anything to make a quick buck!
(This is an automated e., Owner from Reed's Top Tech AutoCare responded on 11/30/2017

We have great respect for our veterans and have many veterans as wonderful customers! We take our customer service very seriously. We would never do the things this gentleman accuses us of. As the overwhelming majority of our customers know, we believe in friendly service, in honoring our estimates, professionally completing our work, and keeping customers informed of any added expenses before we proceed with repairs. We did all these and more trying to help this customer get his car up to where it needed to be safe. We had performed exactly the work that this customer requested for less than the estimate that the customer approved. Ohio AAA mediated this customer's concerns  and ruled that Reeds Top Tech  has done no damage to the vehicle and all work performed and our recommendations were all done properly and properly documented.  We are a certified AAA approve auto repair which means we have  98%  or higher approval rating from  our customers and we've had this for many  years. We wish this customer the best.