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Christy P.
Jefferson, GA
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My husband surprised me back in Nov. with a new car purchase- had we known this experience was going to be what it was, we would have not drove 1 1/2 hours past 4 other Hyundai dealerships to come there. We arrived before 10AM on a Saturday morning and 1 of the 2 cars that we specifically had gone to look at was already gone and the other one wasn't up to our specs. They said they would do a dealer trade and get us one in that day or the next, but when they found us one, it wasn't scheduled to be there until the next week. So, we went ahead and did the paperwork that day and they took my trade in and gave me a loaner to drive until ours came in. We finished all the paperwork, agreed upon a final amount/ interest rate/ and monthly payment and left in the loaner. A few days later, we received a call that the payment information we agreed upon and signed for on that day was not accurate and they were having to redo our paperwork, they had to overnight us the paperwork and we signed it and sent it back in. I went back the following Saturday and picked up our car and signed the final paperwork and left. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my trade in was still not paid off and we had NO paperwork in hand regarding the new car. I called multiple times, left multiple messages and never received a call back. When I finally spoke to someone, it was anything but professional, and courteous. The MGR. that I spoke with had no concern for the lack of care that went into this transaction. My husband even sent an email to multiple employees of Rick Case and we never received a response or phone call back. Because the payoff was never sent in on time, my payment was late and I incurred a late fee. I called multiple times to get the paperwork after it was supposedly finished and finally received it via email after a week of asking. The paperwork was supposedly overnighted to me as well, but we have yet to receive it. After everything was finally completed and my payoff was sent it, due to it being late, I now have a late fee that was not included in my original payoff. I also have a fine because I didn't cancel my tag, no one told me I had to even though I asked multiple times if I needed to do anything. And, they also kept my tag which means I have to purchase a new one and pay to have the tag transferred. We received the first monthly payment in the mail yesterday, but was due today!! So, a month and a half later, I have paperwork via email but have incurred nearly $100 in late fees and fines due to things not being taken care of in a timely manner like they were supposed to, or at the very least, if I had been told these things up front, I could have taken care of BEFORE the fees were incurred. I have not had one employee reach out to me to make sure that we have everything we need, that everything was taken care of, or to even apologize for the experience we have had. Not one person took accountability or responsibility for delay in getting things done or in the way it was handled. We will not return to Rick Case in Alpharetta for any needs we have, we will go to another dealership or if we have to, go to one in Duluth.

Woodstock, GA
2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
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10/31/2019 Category: Service
Communication has much to be desired.

Craig G.
Canton, GA
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Terrible Experience
Last week my wife, kids, and I went to drive the new Palisade. Our saleswoman was eager to get us there checking if we were on the way. We get there she shows us the car and my wife drives it. I had already applied with Hyundai Motor Finance. My credit is less than perfect I have 2 brand new Hyundai's under my name. A 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Ultimate & 2017 Hyundai Accent. I have owned 4 other Hyundai's as my dad is a manager for Hyundai in Texas. She doesnt come back desk manager comes down and says about the payment. I already knew about the $4,000 addendum they are putting on these. So we leave and our saleswoman doesnt even come back to talk before we go. The sad thing is I applied for automobile allowance through the VA due to being 100% disabled and that would put quite a bit towards my purchase. My Santa Fe is in the shop and I have a 2400 bill and you can't even tell me bye? Way to treat someone. My wife was livid being treated this way. We won't be buying from your dealership ever.

Joel A.
Dacula, GA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Unfortunate waste of my time
Poor communication skills. Broken promises. Wasted time. Otherwise, this was a great car shopping experience.

My review is not a reflection on Rick Case Automotive as a whole. They have better run dealerships in town selling the same cars

Lisa W.
Roswell, GA
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