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Larry T. B.
Johnson City, TN
Verified Customer
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12/28/2015 Category: Sales
The sales lady at the dealership was helpful. However, a follow-up call to Bill Woods was disappointing .
My wife was questioning Bill Woods about an automatic starter option MBrace had described for the 2016 GL 550. Bill Woods responded to my wife's question. He said, "I guess you will have to go out and start your car yourself; but you have a heated steering wheel." My wife was unable to locate the steering wheel warmer on the vehicle either and he replied, " I guess you are just going to have to wear gloves!" This condescending response was rude and uncalled for so soon after the purchase of a $100,000 plus vehicle. His sarcasm was not appreciated.

Stephen T C.
Bristol, TN
Verified Customer
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09/30/2015 Category: Service
Service Dept.
I'm not sure why it cost 180.00 for an oil change, which includes a $25.00 oil filter. And why you no longer wash the vehicle like you used to do and your Lexus dealer continues to do. I asked to bleed the brakes and you said they did not need it, and did not do it. The brakes do have air in them and you can pump them and get a better pedal.

James H.
Kingsport, TN
Verified Customer
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07/10/2015 Category: Service
Too expensive and unreliable
It is hard to get an appointment. About half of my calls to get an appointment are not returned. The last time I had a visit, I called for an appointment and no one called back. I had to stop at the service department to get an appointment. It seems like it is common that I have to return because my issue is not resolved. At the last visit, the service department recommended replacing a headlight unit for $750.00. The headlight was working fine and the diagnostic did not say anything was wrong with the headlight. This makes me question the advice.

Wesley A.
Blountville, TN
BMW 325I
Verified Customer
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07/09/2015 Category: Service
They did not value my time when there for service, most likely lost a future customer.
I have only been to Rick Hill Imports one time, and that was for service on my daughter's BMW which we purchased from an elderly man. There was a recall and when I made the appointment, I was told to expect about an hour wait time. It turned out there was another recall the gentleman had not brought it in for, but again I was told when we checked in, about an hour and a half. After about two hours, the tech did come tell us they are almost finished. After another hour he came back and said it was taking longer than he thought, he could have someone drop us off somewhere to eat or shop and call when it was done. We opted to just wait. We ended up being there almost five hours.
I have a Cadillac, which had a recall. The service department was unsure how long it would take, so they gave me the keys to a brand new $80,000.00 ELR to drive and said they would call me when finished. It took most of the day, and they called and said whatever worked best for me, keep the ELR until the next day if more convenient. Now that is how I would expect BMW to treat their customers. We have researched buying a new BMW, but the experience with the service department has caused us to think perhaps we will go with another brand.

Paul H.
Bristol, TN
Verified Customer
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06/29/2015 Category: Service
Sevice Department
Ordered wrong part. Has not met expectations of time frame that I was given. Car still has not been repair. This has been going on for 3 weeks now.

Thomas N.
Piney Flats, TN
BMW 530I
Verified Customer
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05/19/2015 Category: Service
the Wisconsin mechanic, the one you hope to get
Terrible, terrible experience "again." Awlful service, the only positive thing about the entire visit was the mechanic, when I finally got to speak to one.
Wayne R., Porsche/BMW Service Manager from Rick Hill Imports responded on 05/19/2015

Hello Thomas,

  Thank you for taking the survey. We here at the dealer are all working hard at making all of our customers happy. There are certain things we can and can’t do. If a customer tows the vehicle into the dealer himself we cannot, for liability reasons remove the vehicle for you. We recommend to all our customers to have a professional towing company load and unload the vehicle for you.
Secondly in regard to your 2005 BMW 530I with 90'000 miles is well out of the manufacturer’s warranty. Failures to you vehicle do occur that are not related to work we have performed. We have 2yrs parts and labor warranty on any work we carry out and does not serve as a complete vehicle warranty. I hope this makes your understanding clearer. Thank you again for your response. 

Wayne Ram
Porsche/BMW Service Manager
Rick Hill Imports
PH:423 224 2108

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