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Review for Rte 1 Auto Service
CHAD P. on 01/09/2014
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"Ineffective service"
I recently spent one thousand dollars on brakes to leave with the brake light still on. Then I paid ninety dollars to fix brake light but it is still not fixed. When I brought it back I was told to, "tread lightly" because I was complaining. Brake light is still on and now one of my rear brake lights is out which want the case before my brakes were serviced. I am a guardian customer and because the device regularly doesn't work properly I have to miss work to have it reset. I am a veteran and even though there is a posting on Facebook to make mention of it when you pay in order to receive the discount I was given some attitude and told that I needed to make mention of that at the initiation of the transaction. Originally I had a very high opinion of route one auto but that is no longer the case.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Service Date: 12/30/2013
Review Created: 01/09/2014 03:48 AM
Larry R. at Rte 1 Auto Service responded on 01/13/2014

Chad, we appreciate your honesty and your business. First thing, we must be able to duplicate a problem before we can repair it. The last time you came in the brake warning light was not on. Therefore, diagnosis is impossible.  We have the patience to wait for the light to be on when you bring the vehicle in, we request you excercise the same patience. A rear brake light bulb is in no way connected to your brake pads, rotors, calipers, master cylinder of fluid. Most likely it is a bulb, which we can check on your next guardian visit. The $90. spent was for the brake warning light on your dashboard, and not for the one in the back of the truck. Be advised there are three switches which will turn on the same warning light. We need to know (diagnose) which switch is causing the warning light. So we request your patience while this intermittent problem surfaces. You had stated the brakes felt great and we are of course complimented. We stand behind our work, and will stay with this, until the problem is resolved.