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Review for Rte 1 Auto Service
AUDRIUS K. on 04/22/2014
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"The best robing of$$$$$for service and parts"
The only place you can get a battery. For a 200$ install and a one year warranty, ask for the best , you get the no name quality, if the is a problem with the part Larry. Will blame it on the car, and tell you to buy American ,,,I drive the best Mercedes and my wife also drives the best , if you reed this gm will fail as of today's news, round two with Larry was a another rip off ,150,00 battery 300,00. Bill,,,,, and no refund for the first dura power shop battery, a message to all who reeds this , so thank god for small claims court to get the robbery out of Larry I am a business man two I have not seen such poor business practice since the 80s,,,,I am honest with my message, so any one can call my office at 978-499-8602. About the route 1 auto robbery please go to dealer they charge less, who else got robbed at rt 1 auto.......????????
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz SL550
Service Date: 03/14/2014
Review Created: 04/22/2014 06:33 AM
Larry R. at Rte 1 Auto Service responded on 05/06/2014

It is unfortunate Mr. Kantautas had a battery problem. He called the manufacturer of the battery and They told him of the one year warranty. That warranty was not set by Rte 1 Auto. I have given the complaint to the battery representative, and it is in the manufacturers hands. If the battery company had authorized a refund, I would have happily written the check. Without the authorization my hands are tied. When and if I am given the authorization, refund will be profferred immediately. We are in no way trying to rip off the customer or "rob him". As far as round two goes, businesses cannot sell at cost, there are retail and wholesale prices. Mr. Kantautas would like me to sell my products at cost.  I do hope Mr. Kantautas gets a refund from the battery company, and realizes it was never our intention for him to have a battery that would not last. If the warranty policy was set by Rte 1 auto, he would have already gotten a refund.

Larry R. at Rte 1 Auto Service responded on 05/06/2014

After meeting with the battery rep, I too only have partial support from my supplier. For customer satisfaction we shall send Mr Kantautas a refund check and change our battery vendor. Once again, no fault on Rte 1 auto, fault lies with battery company, but we will make it right.