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Michael C. on 02/23/2015
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"Bait and Switch"
I heard this was an honest mechanic so I took my car in for a safety inspection and error code 21 airbag to be corrected. I specifically showed him the flash code error I was given, incorrect torque of module and ground wire not attached properly. I told him a friend did not torque it correctly and I needed the module torque correctly, but after they said it was torqued correctly they said the airbag light was still flashing. They did not reset the system after asking. All they needed to do was take off both battery terminals so the back up would power down. to make the long story short. I paid $70 for nothing. They told me they would need to charge this fee to diagnose the problem, but I had already given them the flash code and told them what needed to be done. This was a typical bait and switch.
Service Date: 02/23/2015
Review Created: 02/23/2015 03:17 PM
Scott S. at Scott's Auto Express, llc responded on 02/24/2015

Mike you did hear right-This is an honest repair shop. I'm not sure you understand how the automotive repair industry works. You have a problem, we diagnose, give you an estimate, and you either decline or ok the work. When you came in you basically told me what you wanted me to do, and that a buddy had replaced your heater core and after that the light came on, at that time I explained that code could be almost anything and suggested that we properly diagnose the code-You said no and wanted us to check the torque. We did check the torque but we could not figure why your buddy would have removed the code 21 safeing sensor because it is under a metal panel by your left foot and there would have been no need for removal to do a heater core which is located on the opposite side of the car.
I explained our diagnostic procedure again which you agreed to. We found that there is a ground wire that is not getting siganl to the safeing sensor and that your buddy may have accidently pinched our cut the wire. The wire goes from the far right of the car over were the heater core is and to the far left of the car were the safeing sensor is. Once we told you the possible expense you could incure for tracing this wire or multiple wires, you declined for us to go any further.
Yes the removal of the battery cables will reset the light but I promise you it will come back on and it did not fix anything.
You did pay for something which was our knowledge and expertise on what was needed to make the proper repair.
Sorry your upset but every proffessional shop operates in this fashion. In the future it would be best to believe in and listen to someone who has over 20 some years of experience in our industry.
Blane Robertson - Service Advisor