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Review for Severna Park Automotive
RACHEL S. on 02/11/2016
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"Sloppy work, not impressed"
I was very hopeful, after reading all the positive reviews. Maybe they were just having a really bad day, but.... I went in for a bad tire sensor and rear hatch handle replacement. The quoted price was better than the dealer (but that's not saying much). At the end of the ordeal, it was an extra $22, damaged rear hatch gasket, missing valve stem covers, and an unsolved mystery.

Communication was unclear regarding what time they closed, creating unnecessary running around to get my car back. They charged an extra $22 above the quoted price for the hatch handle, blaming the parts company for giving them the wrong part. Then they didn't put the car back together quite right, so I had to come back to get the gasket on the rear hatch corrected. But the mechanic was lazy and tried to pick it out instead of popping off the assembly and doing it right. He had to pop it off anyway, but not before he'd poked a couple holes in the gasket and roughed up the surface. Lonny said he'd pay for any damage to the body that resulted from the gasket being damaged, but that's an easy promise to make.

To top it all off, this morning I looked down to see that they'd removed the stem covers on my tires. So now I get to go back again and see if they'll replace those. I guess I'll end up with someone else's, if at all. I really dislike all these extra trips.

As for the mystery, Lonny said the bad tire sensor fixed itself when they rebooted the computer, but to keep an eye on it because he didn't know why. How do I know he didn't just turn it off? As things stand now, I'm going to try someone else next time.
Vehicle: Toyota Prius
Service Date: 02/04/2016
Review Created: 02/11/2016 01:49 PM
LONNY W. at Severna Park Automotive responded on 02/26/2016

First of all I want to thank you for your business and for putting your trust in us. I am sorry we fell short of the mark when you gave us the opportunity to work on your car. We have been voted Severna Park’s Best Automotive Repair Shop for the past 4 years and I believe that is because we normally do a good job and treat our customer’s well.  We take that honor seriously. As it is, we always stand behind our work.

We do appreciate you returning after you wrote your review so that we could address your concerns about the weatherstrip and reinstall your tire valve stem caps.

 As for the “mystery” of the intermittent problem with your tire pressure system , as we stated before, we hope you will return when the problem reoccurs so we can continue the diagnostics. We did not want to replace any parts the first time without a concrete diagnosis.

To respond to your comment about “unnecessary running around to get your car back”, we really didn’t mind delivering your vehicle to  you. We felt badly if we were not clear about what time we closed.

We DO appreciate your business and your feedback and we will strive to communicate better in the future.