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Review for Severna Park Automotive
KENNINA P. on 09/22/2014
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"Car motor mount was loose and engine was shaking when I picked up the car from "being fixed". Asked the mechanic on duty about the shaking engine and was assured the problem was fixed and the car was safe to drive. An hour later my head gasket blew and my"
Car destroyed by mechanics. Repeatedly called and left messages to see if they would do the honorable thing and fix the problems they caused and they would not return my calls. Review is supposed to say 1 1/2 stars NOT 4 1/2. The office staff was very friendly and accommodating but my car was worse then when I dropped it off when I picked it up.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Cavalier
Service Date: 08/25/2014
Review Created: 09/22/2014 08:15 PM
LONNY W. at Severna Park Automotive responded on 10/01/2014

Unfortunately this review contains many inaccuracies. Her vehicle (1999 Cavalier with over 200,000miles) was TOWED in - not "dropped off" because the car would not start due to a discharged battery and when jumped started it would not stay running. The replacement of an Alternator on this vehicle is not related to any of the engine mounts, We could not have caused the head gasket to blow by replacing the Alternator, and we talked to the customer several times over the phone in regards to her concerns.
   We determined that the Alternator was not charging causing the battery to become discharged/dead. After charging the battery - at no charge - we replaced the Alternator. We road tested the vehicle and rechecked the charging system and there were no further problems experienced. The replacement of the Alternator on this vehicle is in no way related to the engine mounts. The customer picked her car up and had called back later that morning on her way home to Pennsylvania, indicating that the engine had major problems due to a bad engine mount. She was insinuating that the mechanic must have left something loose when he replaced the Alternator. We explained to her that we didn't have to touch the mount when replacing the Alternator. We did speak to her 3 more times about this, reassuring her that the alternator repair had nothing to do with her vehicle's engine issues.
   When the vehicle was towed in the customer never told OR asked us about anything in reference to the engine mount or anything to do with overheating,leaking, or any headgasket related issues. we checked only what the customer had requested. We always offer to reinspect our work but since the customer was already home in Pennsylvania she did not want to return.
   It is unfortunate that this happened, and we sincerely wish her the best.