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Lorene N.
Deer Island, OR
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Centurylink doesnt care about customers
Beware of Centurylink!! I moved into my home almost 7 years ago. It was all set up for cable internet. At that time I tried to get a phone and internet from Centurylink. I was told I could only get the phone as their internet trunklines were full and they were doing an upgrade at the substation the following year to make more lines available. and until then, there would be no new customers. Less than 3 months later, a home was built below me and they installed the internet. When I called, I was given the same story as before - their trunk lines were full. Each year, that passed, I called and was given that story while paying for phone service. Today, I called again and wouldn't you know it, they finally said they don't have any plan to upgrade. They simply seem to pick and choose who gets internet service as customers drop off. I have given Centurylink almost 7 years of phone payments with hopes of getting internet as well and now that I know the true story, I will be searching for an alternative to Centurylink phone service for sure!

Johnson G.
Boston, MA
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How i recovered my lost binary option investment
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Victoria H.
Grovetown, GA
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The Bradford Exchange--Poor craftsmanship
My 5 grown kids brought me a personalized mother's day bracelet that I specifically choose. It had each child's name engraved with there birthstones on a heart shape. It also had a matching Rondelle with each child birthstone on it. 3 months later after wearing it a few times. The silver started to show a lot of scratches on it. My kids paid a lot of money for this bracelet and I'm deeply disappointed. It is called " Forever In A Mothers Heart personalized Birthstone Bracelet" $129.00. It's a beautiful bracelet online, but you can only wear it a few times before the scratches appear for just normal wearing it.

Don J.
San Mateo, CA
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Scam Warning
It is worst review site. Site Jabber creates random reviews and promote fake and negative reviews. The ratings does not have any meaning. People in site jabber is dishonest and bad people. I can not even trust their own review on their site here:

M J.
San Mateo, CA
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Scam business
They are playing like Bat between customers and company. They will delete your accounts and your reviews without warning for no reason if they want. At the same time, they work with some people to write and promote negative and fake reviews of some company. Then they contact the company to get paid in return for the removing those negative reviews and fake reviews. Sitejabber is really bad and not honest people.
I am not even trusting their own review on their website:

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Gov't funded attempt to attack businesses
This is your basic gov't project run amok. Clearly fake reviews from competitor businesses on their site and they won't do anything about it. But, they'll send you email after email trying to get you to pay for their "service" Sitejabber is a scam.

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