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Debora W. on 10/28/2015
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"Worst than you can imagine"
This place deserves a -10. I took my vehicle to Sprayglo after it had been vandalized and wanted to remove the vulgar writing on it so it could be driven again. Well after speaking with Wes and being reassured they could definitely take care of my car I felt convinced. Let me say "BIG MISTAKE!!!!" I paid for the best job they offer but that doesn't come with the best results. After getting my car home I looked over it and was disappointed. The car had not been sand down properly and they just painted over it which left a rough bumpy look after being painted. I had a spot that I touched up years ago and when I picked the car up from being painted it still had the touch up paint there. The left turn signal was missing after picking up my car. After driving 45 minutes to Conyers, GA Wes glued the piece back but guess what the entire housing unit for the turn signal had to be replaced bc glue will only "hold" for so long. After Sprayglo replaced my bumper my front grill was broken and the grill was not replaced straight so now it's crooked. Yesterday was the first time I drove the car before sun up (I have several vehicles to drive) I went to turn the fog lights on because it was raining and guess what no fog lights. Wth?!!! I paid for the most expensive paint job they offer but didn't get the best job. Sprayglo did repaint the car but it still was a sub par job as if someone painted it who just graduated from Technical College. I loss money going back and forth there to have them correct their job several times and just decided this was a HUGE mistake. I've already spent $100 for the turn signal and will have to spend $200 for the fog lights. But will have to make sure the housing unit was replaced back that holds the fog lights if not that's $300. So I'm looking at an additional $600 after paying Sprayglo $850! Not including money I missed not being at work (I'm an insurance agent so my money come from sales) and the gas I wasted going back & forth! Really?! After all this I might be looking at $1450 for an unsatisfactory job. RUN.....GO THE OTHER WAY!
Service Date: 07/03/2015
Review Created: 10/28/2015 10:51 AM