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Errol T. on 05/19/2011
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Errol said he rated his overall experience a 2, because they did not perform the job to his satisfaction. When they went through the process for his repair service, he went through a walk around process with his vehicle. He explained what type of paint service he wanted completed on his vehicle. He showed the representative the dents he wanted fixed. As a result, they advised the repair service would cost $800, and he paid the amount requested for the work to be completed. Afterwards, he showed the paint representative what they missed. They over sprayed on the struts and the tires, and it was a no-no. As a result of this experience, he will not allow it to happen again. There is a 2-year warranty on the vehicle, but he will bring it back in 1.5 years to have the paint service completed again. The issue on the bumper is about the size of a nickel or about a half inch big. It appeared they brushed the area with a paintbrush. The representatives performed an excellent job with the spoiler and the window trim. Otherwise, it was a halfway job. He paid what the representative wanted, and he expected better quality workmanship. The representatives were able to complete the repair service on time, except the lady was still touching up and cleaning his vehicle. By the time, the representatives called, he already made arrangements to get a ride by a friend. The representative still had to properly install 1 door latch. He chose not to elaborate on the details whether or not he was completely satisfied with the way he was treated by the personnel. He insisted they did not mistreat him. He was satisfied with the painter, because he showed the painter what he missed. He would not recommend the business, because of the reasons above. He was going to bring his wife's vehicle in to be painted, but he changed his mind.
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Review Created: 05/19/2011
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Jason D. at Sprayglo Conyers responded on 05/23/2011
We take pride in delivering our product in a timely fashion. In order to do so, we set an appointed time aside for each customer to pick up their vehicle. If a customer shows up to get their vehicle unannounced, prior to the scheduled appointment time, we cannot guarantee that it will be ready for delivery. We value your time, therefore we stopped all other jobs and focused 100% of our attention on preparing your vehicle since you were there, ready to take delivery of the vehicle. Some overspray inside the wheel wells & the undercarriage is unavoidable and under normal circumstances is cleaned up prior to delivery. Please feel free to bring the vehicle back when you can allow us more time to clean and detail these areas. I can assure you, that all of our paint services are performed with the latest technology in spray equipment by properly trained professionals and would never use a brush. If you have a concern with the quality or thoroughness of a repair, please bring that to the attention of the manager assisting you at the time of delivery.