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Spenser M. on 07/15/2011
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Spencer rated his overall experience a 1 because they did a horrible paint job. He was not satisfied with the quality because they oversprayed white paint all over the rims, there are significant runs in the paint, they didn't prime the chips on the front bumper and he could still see the chips. They did a bad job on the taping and when it was removed, there are missed spots that were not painted. He took the vehicle back a second time and again they just painted over the spots that had the chips and didn't seal anything and he can still see runs on the paint. The vehicle was not ready when promised because it was not done right. He chose not to elaborate about how late his vehicle was ready. Nobody called him on the process and he wasn't happy with the estimate because the person told him they were going to take care of and fix all the dings, the front bumper and fill in the rock chips and the paint would look factory finished. There was no communication at all and he had to go over the vehicle and point out all the bad issues and because of this, will not recommend this facility to others. He said he is taking his vehicle back for a 3rd time next week for them take care of these problems.
Category: Collision
Review Created: 07/15/2011
Kevin I. at Sprayglo Fort Walton Beach responded on 07/26/2011
I spoke with Mr. Manchester about his survey responses because there are some inconsistencies between what he says he was told and what he signed for on his repair order. On his repair order, it clearly states that some imperfections may show. He had excessive chipping on his front bumper and was told that we would be able to fix some of them, however, because the bumper was in such bad shape, he needed to replace it to get it perfect. He declined the repair. He also stated that we would " fix all the dings", yet his repair order clearly states which dents were being repaired and also states that only the listed dents were being repaired. Mr. Manchester's car was late because he found issue after issue that he "assumed" would be fixed. He was called numerous times about his vehicle to update him. Lastly, there was a run in his vehicle and it was fixed. The location manager completely repainted his vehicle and repaired every issue that Mr. Manchester pointed. Mr. Manchester is now complaining of different issues and after numerous atempts to satisfy him, it has become apparent that this will not be possible. I believe that there was a communication issue between the location manager and Mr. Manchester. His expectations were a little higher than what he was willing to pay for. In the future, we will strive to do better. This facility has a 97% approval rating and an excellent customer service record. I wish we had been able to please Mr. Manchester.