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Cleo W. on 11/03/2011
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Cleo said she gave this business a rating of a one because they did not paint her entire vehicle like they had told her they would. She was not completely satisfied with the quality of her repair because they did not paint her entire vehicle and they did not sand her vehicle as well. Her vehicle was ready earlier than the promise time because this business did not do all of the work. She was not kept informed well because she was only called when her vehicle was ready and that was the only time. She was not completely satisfied with the thoroughness of the person that prepared her estimate because the employees attitude was very poor. She was not satisfied with the way she was treated by the personnel because they had a poor attitude and they asked her to leave the premises. She was not satisfied with the business's communication because they never told her they would not be able to do the complete job and they never mentioned they would only paint part of her vehicle. Cleo would not recommend this business to others because of the previously stated issues and also they got black overspray on her headlights. They tried to finish the paint job with ninety nine cent cans of blue and white paint. After she was asked to leave the location she went to court about her visit with this business.
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Review Created: 11/03/2011
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Kevin I. at Sprayglo Saraland responded on 11/07/2011
Mrs. White had her car painted with us. She picked it up and signed that all work was completed. She came back a week later and pointed to her plastic trim and said that we didn't paint them. The manager explained to Mrs. White that these can not be painted since car paint will not stick to these and they need to be replaced. She then became extremely agitated. The manager offered to "black them out" with Krylon so that they would look better. The car was pulled inside and as the painter began to paint the trim, Mrs. White began to yell and cuss him and had to be separated from the area. She then called the police on the manager for trying to use spray paint on her car. The manager again explained to her that this is industry standard and her only other option was to replace them. She was still not satisfied and became even more angry when the police officer explained to her that he, too, knew this to be standard. The manager called me and I could hear Mrs. White over the phone being disrespectful and insulting the manager. She was then asked to leave.