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ashley c.
Tustin, CA
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This is how The Cape runs their business
My application was approved by Ellie R. who was the Leasing Director of the Cape, and she gave me 10% discount on apartment E-205 for $2021 ($2245 before discount), move in date 2/17/18. I paid $280; $80 for 2 application fees, $200 for holding deposit. Felicia, the manager of the Cape confirmed me all required documents were completed; she gave me the Move-In Requirements sheet with balance due on move in date is $2571 (monthly rent $2021 + security deposit $750 – holding deposit $200). On my move in date, Haleigh, the assistant manager gave me the leasing contract to sign with the monthly rent of $2245, no discount. She said there’s nowhere in the system that I got the discount. I asked to talk to someone who is at higher position than her. Then she brought in this little guy who tried to kick me out of her office, by telling me that 1) there is no one higher position than Haleigh 2) they’re not forcing me to sign the lease and 3) the monthly rent $2245 on the contract is correct. I asked for his name and his business card, he said he don’t have one. I asked to speak to someone at their Corporate, he wrote the phone number on a yellow sticker and gave me, and told me that they don’t have a physical address, there’s no specific name to contact, and the office is closed today because weekend and Monday is holiday. I told them I’m not going to move in and asked them to refund my deposit. They told me my deposit is not refundable.
If the monthly rent $2245 on the contract is correct, then why the balance due before move in is $2571 (monthly rent $2021 + security deposit $750 – holding deposit $200), how 2245+750-200=2571???
A day later (2/18) after my supposed move in date (2/17), Haleigh called me and told me that she has talked to their Regional manager, they agreed to honor the 10% discount and I can move in today or tomorrow. Wow, should I feel happy that they do me a favor now and let me move in after I’ve canceled my mover, canceled Edison (I turned on electric a day before my move in date because of the weekend and holiday, and I can’t turn off electric until after holiday), and all other plans I’ve for the long weekend? Saving 224 a month is not worth living there. I said no, and asked her about the deposit she still said it’s not refundable. I told her at this point, it’s not about the deposit anymore, that she and their people not even care or apologize for the things they put us through this weekend.