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Review for Magic Mechanic Inc.
dan f. on 06/01/2015
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"1st Disappointment"
The first time I've been disappointed after a Magic Mechanic visit. One of the two things a bought it in for was a vibration throughout the car usually between 60-70 MPH. I was told it would be fixed (tires balanced and rotated) and test drove. When I left, it was a while before I could go that fast and when I did the vibration was just as bad or worse. No time then to take it back and wait again. Clearly wasn't test driven to the speed that mattered. The same service also included an oil change and transmission service and they seemed to be as advertised...no problems.
Vehicle: Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Service Date: 05/29/2015
Review Created: 06/01/2015 10:14 AM
JD R. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 06/01/2015

Wow Dan"  We did rotate and balance your tires and the tech test drove it to 55MPH that was as fast as he could get up to due to traffic he didnt feel anything at that speed but we didnt charge you for it look at your invoice " We also put the truck on the alignment rack connected the heads  and found the alignment was purfect so we didnt charge you anything for that as well" Im sorry your disapointed  but in a situation where we need to exceed the speed limit to duplicate a problem" I suggest you stop by and we will have a tech ride with you while you demo the problem" Vibrations at highway speeds are common on the Sport Trac's if the tires are ok along with the balance we usually find a worn transmission tail shaft bushing causeing the drive shaft to be unbalanced , a new tail shaft bushing normally helps this condition" We will make every attempt to contact you and help resolve this issue"Larry