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Review for Tom Williams Collision Center
Gayle And Lennie G. on 07/28/2011
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Gayle said her vehicle wasn't ready when promised, but the delay wasn't this business's fault. This business had her vehicle for 3 months trying to get parts that were hard to find. She doesn't recall the initial time frame for getting her vehicle back. Gayle remarked this business did an outstanding job. She was in a terrible accident with tremendous damage done to her vehicle. Prior to her vehicle being repaired her husband told her there was no way any business could put the vehicle back together again like it was. Her husband also can't stand rattling, and after the accident the vehicle rattles. He informed his wife once a vehicle rattled, the rattling would never go away. When Gayle got her vehicle back it drove and looked exactly like it did 3 years ago when she first leased this vehicle. Her husband couldn't believe the job this business did, and there's no rattling. She pointed out Jim Bob, the person who helped her with everything, was awesome. He was very cooperative, and called her all the time with status reports. Jim Bob also encouraged Gayle to call him with any questions she had. When Gayle got her vehicle back there were several issues regarding the driving that needed to be addressed. She chose not to elaborate about the issues. This business fixed the problems, and gave her a loaner vehicle. Gayle mentioned everyone in this business was so sweet to her, and every time she stopped by she felt like she was visiting family. She goes to this business's related dealership for service, and everyone there is sweet to her also. She remarked Charlotte, her service advisor, at the dealership is as sweet as can be, and she's absolutely super. Gayle tells everyone she knows about how fantastic the people are at this business, and how extremely pleased she was with the work they did. She added they're a sweet bunch of people.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 07/20/2011
Review Created: 07/28/2011