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Avee L. on 02/23/2015
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"Screwdriver found underneath car."
My 5,000 mile service for my 2012 Toyota Prius was completed in about an hour. The staff was very friendly. Now, this is the context in which I discovered a screwdriver sticking out underneath my car: After the service, I drove to Trapper's Sushi for lunch afterward, but as I was on my way home (to Yelm) I heard very loud scraping underneath my car (At this point I hadn't driven further than Meridian Rd.). I parked my car, looked under the vehicle, and found the large black plastic panel folded over with a screwdriver holding it in place. I called the dealership and headed back, driving as slow as traffic would permit. When I observed the screwdriver fly out from beneath my car I managed to retrieve it for evidence purposes. It turns out that the mechanics stick a screwdriver underneath the cars to help access the oil filter, etc. This time they forgot to take the screwdriver out. They took my car back into the shop, inspected it for damage, and I was out in about 15 minutes. Toyota did gift me a voucher for a free oil change for my trouble. Unfortunately I will be living in a different state by the time I can redeem it, but I appreciated the gesture. My main concern is that this incident wasn't documented, nor was I given a copy of any paperwork regarding what happened. I hadn't thought to address that until well after I arrived home, so that was partly a mistake on my end.

Toyota has always been a pleasure to work with, however I would probably take my business to a different Toyota dealership next time.
Category: Service
Service Date: 02/19/2015
Review Created: 02/23/2015 10:16 PM
Rich C. at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 02/25/2015

Hello and thank you for your response.  I'm sorry to hear this occurred!  I talked with the technicians involved and the information you were given is correct.  They use a screwdriver as a "pin" to hold the skid plate out of the way to access the oil drain plug.  This prevents there from being spilled/excessive oil.  Disappointing to hear they forgot to return it! 
In response to your question, I've happily created a documentation repair order.  I'll go ahead and mail it to you so you have a copy.  This will put a note in your vehicle's service history (accessible by any Toyota Dealership in the USA) that will indicate what was done... just in case any future problems arise. 
Thank you for bringing it to our attention and for your past pastronage. 

Rich Conley
Customer Relations Manager/Assistant Service Manager
Toytoa of Puyallup