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Review for Toyota of Puyallup
TIM K. on 10/25/2015
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"Previous Services"
Two issues:

A while back I had a major service completed on my 07 Prius. Due to the cost ($200+ at dealer vs. $40 doing it myself) I decided to change the spark plugs myself. Not a difficult at all process and only takes about 45 mins to complete. The only issue I had was due to the plugs being changed by the dealer on the last major service. The issue was that they DID NOT put anti-seize compound on the new plugs when they replaced them. Without the anti-seize compound being applied the plugs were difficult to remove due to the normal engine heat and carbon buildup on the plugs over time. This may have just been an over site on their part as I do understand working as a auto mechanic years ago things do happen.

Second issue:
Had been taking my 07 Prius to this same dealer for ALL service items since we bought the car new there in 07. Had always been told the brakes were doing fine over the 8 year period we have owned the car. The inspection sheets (have them all) always showed the brakes being in good shape and in no need for service. Took the car in a few months ago and was told the brakes were almost metal to metal. There were NO malfunctions in the car and the brakes were inspected and showing in the green the previous 5K service. So this being the case the techs had missed the brakes wearing over the years and never reported the issue to me. I do not mind fixing things on the car when they are needed. This is my commute car so I keep it very well maintained. Their is really no excuse for this. Countless services with the same dealer and they missed the brakes wearing for years. This is one thing they really need to watch. If they miss someones brakes wearing and they fail and the customer ends up hitting someone due to brake failure and the car was being taken in for service and the dealer never even reports to the customer the brakes need repairs it would be on them.
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Service Date: 10/24/2015
Review Created: 10/25/2015 02:41 PM