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SAMANTHA B. on 03/14/2016
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"Honest, accommodating, friendly"
I have nothing but great things to say about Toyota of Puyallup. They are always really nice, the explain things without making you feel stupid, and don't act put out if you decide to (or not to) have them do something. The last time I was there they called me before doing any work because the mechanic said he didn't feel comfortable doing any work that cost money without us giving the OK. His exact words were "I know that $200 is a lot of money, and I just didn't want to put you guys out." I thought it was so thoughtful. (And since when does a maintenance shop care how much money the customer is out?) They are also very conservative. There have been several things that I thought needed fixed or replaced and they've said "I'd give it another couple thousand miles before you need to" or "you're in the area to start thinking about it, but for now it's perfectly safe so I'd wait if I were you". I feel like they're really there for their customers and they aren't just trying to screw you over. They're very honest about everything; the amount of time you'll be waiting, exactly what they're doing on the car, their professional opinion, and how much things will cost and why. The DVD player in our Sienna went out, and I wanted to have it replaced. One of the guys told me that it would be outlandishly expensive to have it done there, and referred me to a couple of people that are reputable, do great work on toyotas, and are far less expensive. What a nice guy!!! And he saved me over $1000!
Today I had a scheduled oil change, maintenance check, and a warranty thing to check at 9:15 and I had to take my two kids (ages 1.5 and 3.5). I assumed it would take 45min to an hour at the most, but once I got checked in they said it wouldn't be done until 11:00 at the earliest. I had packed snacks, toys and books, but I was really worried about how I was going to keep my two kids from getting stir crazy. Luckily, they had a kid room with two iPads, a TV, a small sofa, a place to get cookies, and an espresso machine where I could get them hot cocoa for free!!! It seriously made my kids morning!! When it was time to go my 3.5 yr old said we hadn't been there long enough.
Thank you Toyota of Puyallup!!!
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/14/2016
Review Created: 03/14/2016 03:57 PM
Kerry S., President & General Manager at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 03/14/2016

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such wonderful feedback, Samantha. We're very glad to have you in the Toyota of Puyallup family, and this is so nice to hear. We appreciate you!

Kerry Sawyer
President & General Manager
Toyota of Puyallup