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RANDY J. on 03/20/2016
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"Normally happy...not so much, this time."
Normally Toyota of Puyallup receives my highest praise...not so much this time. In fact, so much so that I sincerely have questions about the entire service. This was my 55,000 mile service on my Camry XLE Hybrid. The first thing that I encountered was when started to pay for my service. I knew that this was not an "oil change" service but I noticed charges for oil...which lead me to ask questions about why? The end result was that Toyota of Puyallup made it right and did not charge me for the oil change, which I agreed with. Then, later in the day, I went out and noticed that the "maintenance needed soon" nag was still showing up on my screen. I called service and complained. I was asked if I close so I could come back and they would take care of it for me. I do not live close so thankfully, an alternative was offered to have a technician talk me through the process of resetting this. I was assured this was a simple thing. The technician had trouble with his phone so I ended up needing to call back again. After re-connecting me to the technician, this was easily resolved. Here's my problem, the more I thought about this, I have began to worry just what else was missed. My IT job is very process oriented so I am very familiar with following processes and/or checklists. I have to believe that the technicians have a checklist for these pretty routine services. This tells me that this technician did not follow it...but probably checked off all his items anyway. To me, this is a BIG problem. This defeats the whole purpose of having the checklist in the first make sure everything has been taken care of. As part of my job, when I build a new server, I follow my checklist EVERY time. This is to ensure that all things are completed but also to ensure consistency. I am sorry to be so negative but it is deserving this time. I am going to select "Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend" but if this sort on inconsistency continues, I will no longer recommend Toyota of Puyallup...that I have been doing business with for Toyota of Puyallup for almost 4 decades. I will say that I miss having Mike Bibeau to go to for my service needs. When I had the ability to have a consistent "face" on my service needs, I was much better taken care of.
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/19/2016
Review Created: 03/20/2016 11:07 PM
Rich C. at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 03/21/2016

Hello and thank you so much for the feedback/response.  I can certainly appreciate where you are coming from on these points and I want to assure you that we care and are working hard to provide you with an experience that is free of this type of unease.  I know you've been coming in for quite some time and I hope you realize this is not the norm for us.  However, it is an excellent opportunity to address things with all of our team and tighten up the ship wherever we can.  You are 100% correct in the "following a checklist" example and it's something that we practice every day.  Clearly, in this case, someone missed a step.  I'm happy to have our team reinspect things for you, at no charge of course, just to ensure that all items were completed and everything is as it should be.  I don't wan there to be uncertainty in your mind about this!  Additionally, we'll make sure the people who missed this know about it... not as a point of discipline, but so we don't make this mistake again! 
Please let me know if we can do that for you and I'll make the arrangements myself.  Thank you for your business and for the opportunity to improve our services! 

I hope to hear from you soon.


Rich Conley
Toyota of Puyallup Assisant Service Manager