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ANDREA H. on 08/22/2013
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"Unhelpful salespeople and irritating finance personell"
A few weeks ago, Andrea Hudson and myself showed up at the Puyallup Toyota dealer to purchase a prius C.

We were quickly greeted by Morgan once we arrived there, but aside from the prompt greeting, the man would have been my last choice to help us with our purchase. Within the first ten minutes, it was obvious that Andrea knew more than he did about your cars after spending less than half an hour on your website the night before. Specifically, Morgan was unaware of how many option packages were available for the prius and what those packages included. He was also, as we found out later, either woefully misinformed on the stereo/navigation system or just plain lying. However, despite that, we took a prius c for a test drive and decided it would suit our needs. Of course, Morgan was trying to talk us up to the next package of options, he's a salesman, that's what he does. However, his absurd lack of knowledge led us to tell him we would talk it over that night and get back to him tomorrow. We wouldn't have been able to purchase the vehicle that day anyhow, since we had a play date with Andrea's nephew. However, despite having told him at the very outset that there would be no purchase today, he still managed to let out a rather purile "But why can't you buy it today-y-y-y?"

Personally, I don't think I should have to explain my social calendar to a car salesman, but hey, what do I know?

That evening, Andrea and myself decided on the prius c2, which absolutely suited our needs.

The next morning we went back to track Morgan down and make the sale. When we found him at his desk in the lobby, we waited patiently while he played a game on his cell phone, in full view of customers. Once he noticed us, we told him which prius we had decided on and what color we wanted. At this point, I'd like to note that Morgan told us that it was easy to get any color in from another dealer. After walking the lot, we found that you had no Habanero cars available, which Andrea had decided she wanted. Instead of saying "Sure, let me look one up" or some variation of that, which you would expect, since we're buying a $24,000 car, he instead went into whining mode again, and asked us why we simply couldn't pick one of the cars they had on the lot. I wish I was kidding when I say that, but, sadly, no.

After some cajoling, he finally relented and looked up what was available elsewhere. Of course, the only vehicle available was one that he had happened to lay out in front of us earlier.

The next issue was with optional equipment. Listed under options are a set of floor mats for $225. We asked to have these removed, since we could get them elsewhere for 1/4 of the price. Morgan explained to us that, no, we couldn't have that item that is specifically listed as an accessory removed. Whatever, we were almost done with this joker.

While we were waiting on the car, we decided to handle the finance paperwork. I don't recall the man's name, but he was the only one there, I think. Anyhow, he spent the entire time whining about how his grandkids kept him up the night before. And he seemed to enjoy playing a pretty rude game. This is what happened :

Since Andrea and I were getting a shared loan, both of us had to sign some of the paperwork. However, since she was listed first, only she had to sign some of it. What this gentleman would do is set some paperwork down in front of me along with a pen, and then when I picked up the pen and moved to sign it, he would snatch the forms away, chide me for trying to sign them, and then hand them to Andrea. Real cute, especially when he did it with just about every form and I have no idea how to tell which need both signatures and which only need her's.

So now, the paperwork is signed and we have left to have lunch and returned when the car was delivered. As Morgan walks us out to it, he forgets that we may just need more than one key. He also, at this point, asked us to give him a good review in this form.

And lastly, and perhaps most irritating, we picked up the car and left. Drove home, exhausted and frustrated with the poor service we received. After pulling in to the driveway, what do I see when I look up? A big, blank space where the temporary license should be. So, after all this, I have to drive back to Puyallup and deal with these guys fumbling around trying to find this piece of paper while saying "I can't believe we forgot this!" Gee, I can't believe it either.

In summary, it was a terrible experience. Your salesman had a distinct lack of knowledge about products he claims to have been selling for seven years, he treats his customers like they're bothering him, and has an uncanny ability to make people feel like they're asking for just too much effort from him. If this is the way he acts regarding people who come in knowing exactly what they want, I'd hate to see what he would do if he actually had to work to make a sale.

Your finance guy was childish, whiney, and more than a little unpleasant to deal with. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to any of my friends or family, and would even tell them to drive down to Tacoma if they're decided on a Toyota.
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Sales Date: 08/21/2013
Review Created: 08/22/2013 03:02 PM