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KARUNESHWARAN P. on 09/09/2013
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"Work not performed"
I took my truck in for an oil change at 8am. They use synthetic blend oil. I asked for full synthetic and the service writer said that I would have to pay the difference which was 30 dollars to go from blend to full. After I told him that I have never paid that much and I have always changed the oil there, he gave me the excuse that they have to go and get the full synthetic oil and it does not come from their 5000 gallon drum. He also told me that he would do it this time - thanks for the favor! The oil from the previous oil change was over serviced (the tech acknowledged this by marking it on his checklist but it is not something that I expect from a dealer with trained techs). Then I was showed the cabin filter that they wanted to change for double the price. I asked their retail parts department and they were selling it for cheaper then what the same company's service department was going to charge me. I refused to changed the filters since in 5000 miles they were going to do the 60000 mile service ($500) where they were going to change the filters anyway. I was never told this. So the service is done and I drive away. The tech by mistake wrote that the cabin filter was changed so I wanted to check and pay them since it was the ethical thing to do. When I went to check, the filter cover was broken and again no one had said anything to me. I called the service person and he asked me to bring the truck back. They had to order the part from Portland which I was told to pick up the next day. I drove away and on the way home was wondering what else did they miss that I should check. I pulled into my driveway and looked under the hood and the windshield washer fluid was where it was before taking it to service. The power steering fluid was at the low mark and was not filled. The passenger side wiper blade was torn and it was checked as being okay. There was obvious corrosion on the battery terminal which was also checked off as being checked and being okay by the tech. I called the service advisor again and he said he was going to report that to the manager who I was going to see the next day.
The next morning I saw the manager who apologized and made an effort to make it right by taking the truck and having everything checked again. I have been a mechanic so I had checked my truck but the other people waiting in the lobby if the dealership have the trust of the service department that when they drive away things that are within the control of the service team will be ok till the next service.
It took me two days of my time to get an oil change done at this dealership but the payments are always taken in full. They are only getting one star because something has to be entered. it should really be zero.
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Service Date: 09/05/2013
Review Created: 09/09/2013 12:23 AM
Rich C. at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 09/10/2013

Service manager addressed issues with customer.  There were definitely mistakes made on this transaction and we will learn from them.  We had a quick meeting regarding lapses in our service to avoid this type of thing from occurring again.  Provided customer with free wipers, free cabin air filter cover (that we broke), a free battery service, and a free service coupon for next oil change.  We are better than this and next time will show that.