Toyota of Puyallup

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Review for Toyota of Puyallup
CAROL H. on 09/24/2013
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
"Didn't find the problem with squeaky brakes."
Took car back for 3rd time in a year for squeaky brakes.. For 3rd time TOP said nothing was wrong. Went for drive with young mechanic, and brakes squeaked very loudly. Mechanic found caliper rubbing on back brake drum. Like magic, the 3rd time was the charm. Too bad they didn't take it for a drive before, only put it on their machine. Also blew fuses for phone jack for 3rd time...same mechanic said it's our charger and explained problems with new charger. It's a shame they couldn't fix these simple problems the first two times. I'm sorry if I'm picky about my car, but we got it to last and they shouldn't say nothing's wrong when we know there is. From now on we'll ask for that mechanic to work on it. Good guy!!!
Category: Service
Service Date: 09/20/2013
Review Created: 09/24/2013 03:28 PM