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Review for Trupps Garage
KERRY W. on 02/14/2013
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Well, I had my 2003 dodge ram 2500 4x4 diesel automatic truck transmission rebuilt here. I did NOT give them a budget, I wanted the transmission upgraded so it wouldn't go again. I had and still have a Bullydog Pmt programmer which is what caused the damage to my transmission the first time. I gave Tom all the paperwork on the Bullydog Pmt I had so, he knew what kind of horsepower and torque it produced. I had them go through transtar which was upgraded parts. Bottom line I didn't care what it would cost as long as this was gonna fix this from happening again. Well, $3,400 later and only 45,000 miles back to Trupps. (yes, there warrantees are only 25,000 miles or 2yrs) But, I went with upgraded parts. Also, if they (Trupps) knew of better parts why didn't they step in and say so? They wanted another $3k-4K to basically try again. They weren't gonna give me a break or help with cost or anything. For $7000.00 I could have took it somewhere else the first time and had a Bulletproof trans built. Which thats where I'm taking it now to a place that can do it right the first time! Oh, back in Sept. I had drained the fluid and changed the fluid and filter because, of some minor slipping of the trans. I checked the fluid and it was full with my truck in park. Tom did tell me it has to be checked in netrual so, it was 3 quarts low and they tired blamming it on that and the programmer. Okay, but when they serviced it about a week later they added the 3 quarts and adjusted some things so the paperwork said. How could they have done that without dropping the trans pan?? I would expect more then 45,000 miles out of a trans rebuilt for $3,400 bucks. Thats all I'm saying...Oh, just for the record....when your a little kid and you touch the HOT many more times do you touch it til you realize its hot???......Well, thats why I wasn't given them another chance or $4,000.00 to try again. Trans did work for a little while(45,000 miles) it had been about 4 years later but, this is not my only vehicle so I don't drive it all the time. Hense why the 4 yrs later but, again only 45,000 miles($3,400.00 doesn't add up) Not happy about the service!
Vehicle: Dodge Pickup
Service Date: 02/07/2013
Review Created: 02/14/2013 04:28 PM
Tom T. at Trupps Garage responded on 02/15/2013
2-15-2013 To Kerry, To answer back to your email that you wrote I have to correct some of what you stated in your email. You are correct that your warranty is out by mileage and time and we talked to you about that and told you that we would work with you and try to repair what is wrong with your truck. We also told you that the a/trans cooler lines are leaking. When the truck came back low on fluid from when you serviced the a/trans we had to put almost four quarts of a/trans fluid in to fill the a/trans level. We also adjusted the band that you can adjust on the outside of the transmission. We did not have to remove the transmission pan because you already did this and the other adjustments and filter should have been done when you serviced the transmission. When you picked up your truck we told you that being that low on transmission fluid could have cause damage. The truck seemed to shift correctly at that time and that is what I told you when we talked. When the truck came back in the cooler lines are still leaking and the a/trans fluid is burnt and the truck hardly moves. I am not sure what else I can do for you because you told us that you are taking the truck somewhere else to get the truck repaired. I will always talk and try to do the best for the customers at Trupp's Garage this is why Trupp's Garage has been in business for over 60 years. If you want to contact me and talk about this issue you have my phone number or email. Tom Trupp Trupp’s Garage