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Dorothy R.
Ogdensburg, NY
BMW 325xi
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Waste of time
Drove 2hrs one way and they wouldnt do my alignment cause of rusty bolts, and broken springs. Mechanic never talked to us at all, secretary had to explain why they refused to do it. Said I had bad coil springs which I told them up front I had and I would wavie any irregularities because of it. Said my ujoint was broken apart and unsafe to drive and after taking the car back home and tore it down we seen that there is no way they could even see a ujoint without dropping the best sheld and exhaust. They seen that my car was old and rusty and that we were poor cause we refused a tire balance for $80!!! I've never been to a shop where the mechanic doesn't show you what the problem is. Never go here unless you want to pay $105 an hour for them to do nothing. At least I didn't have a bill cause I wouldn't have paid it.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 04/06/2017


I  am sorry you felt your time was wasted driving 2 hours in each direction.

You did not have a conversation with us prior to arriving about coil springs. You did however state that you replaced your tie rods and control arms.

We stand behind our work 100% and that means that we have the right to refuse working on a car if the customer chooses not to perform the recommended work required to do the job properly.

Broken coil springs do not pass NYSI and is unsafe to drive on, and does affect your alignment. Furthermore, seized suspension hardware makes the alignment adjustments impossible to perform.

The failing u-joint was noticed, and you are correct that we said it should not be driven because of that, when that joint fails, you will definetly know.

We do not judge a customer's finacials by the looks of their car, if you refused a tire balance, then so be it.

You recieved a free evaluation of your car before you go on a very long road trip to the Midwest, we are always looking out for the safety of our customer's and everyone else on the roads.

If you feel that we are wrong with our policies, please feel free to contact us.

Sean H.
Cleveland, NY
BMW 745Li
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
09/17/2016 Category: Service
Sean said the vehicle he took in for service does not start now. He would not recommend them for service because of the reason stated.
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Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 09/26/2016


After talking with you directly on the no start issue, it sounds like your stater is beginning to fail. Unfortunately, your vehicle was starting without fail while at shop for the sunroof and cruise control repairs.

We would be more than happy to diagnose the no start concern. 

David H.
Pulaski, NY
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Is there such a thing as an honest repair shop? I don't think it is here.
I went in on July 22 with a 2006 BMW Z4 for a NY State inspection. After the inspection I was presented with a long list of things that need doing. Two items were that my oil was "black" and my air filter was original. I decided to have them change the oil even though a competent mechanic will tell you that color has no bearing on oil condition, for true oil condition a sample must be sent to a lab for analysis and color or opacity is not an indicator of quality. Tonight I looked for the dipstick to look at the oil color after driving it home about 25 miles. I was surprised that I couldn't find one so I looked in the manual and there isn't one. BMW relies on the oil level light and the mileage/condition countdown which is visible for a few seconds after starting the engine. I have no idea how they could see that my oil was "black" and no you cannot see it from the filler on the cam cover. The oil condition mileage indicator hasn't changed from what it was when I took it in so I am skeptical that it was changed.
Now the air filter, first I would have to pull my records buy it has about 10k miles on it. I took the cover off tonight and it is very clean even down into the pleats and on the ends, which is the first thing to get dirty. So although they wanted me to change it there is absolutely no need to do so.
I am thinking I may protest this payment on my credit card as the only thing I know is that I have a new inspection sticker on my windshield so I will pay that portion, I am not sure if they actually looked at anything though.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 07/26/2016

David thank you for your review.

Your engine oil condition can be easily checked by removing the oil filter cartridge cap located on the top of the engine.

Do you know when your engine oil was last changed? Since the only service records we have for your vehicle have been for performing NYS inspections and no other services for the last 4 years and there is no indication of an oil change sticker present, we can only assume the oil has at least 5,000 miles of use on it and that it has been in the engine for at least 4+ years! Any competent mechanic will tell you, engine oil should be changed every year regardless of mileage due to redox reactions occuring at the first heat cycle causing oil degredation that worsens with time and results in the formation of sludge. This same concept applies to the air filter, it had a stamped date of 2005 present on the cartridge indicating it is original. Again, air filters should be changed on a mileage/time interval due to degradation and age-hardening of the filter material.

In addition, we recommended front brakes (original) and tires due to excessive tread chop. None of these services including the above-mentioned were mandated to you. You did elect to change the engine oil and nothing more. Good luck with your "well maintained" vehicle.

Kimberly B.
Syracuse, NY
Jaguar XF
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
05/17/2016 Category: Service
Kimberly said she did not like this business because she took her vehicle in for check engine light and she paid about $500. When she left this business, the check engine light came right back on. She said this business was a rip off.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 05/19/2016

Kimberly - We are sorry for your experience at Upstate Imports. Your initial visit was to address a coolant leak, and diagnose a check engine light. We repaired your faulty water pump, addressing your coolant leak. The check engine light was for a multitude of different reasons with over 20 codes present (gas light was on with zero miles remaining for distance, some codes found for low fuel, recommended adding gas before diagnosing). We told you that the codes were cleared and to drive the vehicle and return  to review what codes returned. At that time, only a handful of the previous codes were present. We advised you of the additional repairs required to resolve the check engine light, which you DECLINED. Your check engine light cannot be repaired if you decline the necessary work to correct it. And recall your second visit was free of charge to check for returning engine codes.

Scott R.
Baldwinsville, NY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Very dissapointed
I took my car in for an oil change, inspection and Check engine light. They allowed a mechanic to take my car home for the evening putting about 100 miles on my car and causing about $800 dollars worth of body damage to it, I was never asked permission to take the car anywhere and the fact the car was damaged is very upsetting. In addition they performed repairs without providing me an estimate then had the nerve to charge me 20% more than the BMW would have for the same parts.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 03/29/2016

We are sorry that you are "Very dissapointed" as we stand behind what we do 100% and try to resolve any issues brought to us.

When a car fails NYSI for an Engine light, the light has to be reset and then the car needs to be driven to get monitors set. This is due to NYS' stringent emissions testing. The test drive was at "no charge" to you and after the test drive, the monitors were set and the DMV computer passed the car for NYSI.

We did charge retail price for the part, as this is standard practice for any repair shop when parts are purchased from the dealer (mark-up is how we pay our bills).

The damage from all the insect splatter should wash off, I apologize that I did not wash your car after the test drive.

You did not ask for a price on repairs, you only declined fixing the oil leaks at the time we told you about the MAF sensor. Later, you called back requesting a NYSI, which meant you wanted the repairs done to fix the engine light issue (still never asking for a price).

Matthew F.
Syracuse, NY
Audi A4
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Paid $100 to diagnose my 02 Audi. 10 minutes after I got there mechanic comes in and says to replace vacuum system for $900. I left because clearly he didn't take the time to actually diagnose the problem. Waste of money and time. Note: actual problem was the head gasket. Place is a scam.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 11/30/2015

Customer stated the following problem with their car:

'CEL is on, at initial start up, vehicle sputters and smokes for approximately 30 seconds then evens out, boost shows negative.'

These symptoms are typical of vacuum leak(s) and bad spark plugs. Following performance of the vehicle diagnostics, we found codes for cylinder misfires and a fuel lean condition - both of these codes are consistent with the customers' stated symptom. Found codes: P0300 - random misfire; P0302 - misfire cylinder 2; P0303 - misfire cylinder 3 and P0171 - system lean condition.

Head gasket failure on the 1.8L VAG motor is very uncommon and is typically only due to overheating.

Hopefully, your second opinion is accurate, irregardless you will still need the broken PCV system replaced to remedy the fuel trim codes and misfire .

Margaret A.
Central Square, NY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I am thoroughly shocked, disgusted, and dissatisfied beyond belief on this place that calls itself a "business". I own a custom Jaguar, and recently needed my yearly inspection. I received my car back with the following:
-50+ miles on my car I DID NOT drive
-Music blaring on a rock music station
-A/C blasting & sunroof down
-Seats pushed all the way back and folded down in the laying position
-Grease ALL OVER my custom leather seats
.... The list goes on and on. (I have a valet camera in my car and have proof of ALL of this, plus more!)
I not only called the Better Business Bureau, but I have vowed to never, EVER come back to this business again.
The main reason I wrote this review was to warn each and every car owner of this business. I hope this never happens to you and your vehicle, because this was my worst nightmare.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 06/29/2015

Hello Martha Raymond, I am shocked to see this review as we rarely have any complaints. 

The purpose for the test drive was to: 
A - Verify that the secondary air injection (SAI) repair was corrected with a software update.
B - NYS inspection requires that the monitors be set after an engine light is turned off to pass NYSI, in order to set monitors, the car needs to be driven though a variety drive cycles, which requires anywhere from 30-120 miles of driving (a call to the NYS DMV will verify this.) The repair order and your invoice both state the car was driven to set monitors for NYSI.

Radio station changed and blaring, I can not verify, but is not likely.

A/C blasting, it was a hot day, but can not verify that either.

Seat position - Matt (service writer/manager) drove the car to get monitors set, Matt is 5' 6" and he said he had to move the seat forward and bring the back forward to drive the car, so I am unsure how the seat was in a "laying position". I can not verify this either.

Grease on seats - I (owner) personally did the software update, it only requires a scan tool to update software, I do not get greasy and neither does Matt, we were the only two that were in the car, which if there were grease, I would have gladly cleaned it up, as I don't like seeing simple finger prints on the paint, let alone the leather interior.

ALL cars brought to Upstate Imports are treated the same, whether the car is custom or stock, thou I am unsure as to why your car is considered "custom". The car is not "supercharged" even though it has the "supercharged" emblem on the the trunk lid. 

I am very sorry for your bad experience as this was your fourth time coming to us since July 2014.

A simple phone call for an explanation could have gone a long ways.

Sorry and thank you for your time, Jeff Thomas

Casey D.
Hanover, PA
Saab 9-5
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Staff seems knowledgeable but...
I had the mechanic come out and talk to me about my repair and seemed very knowledgeable which I appreciated. Unfortunately what he fixed I still have the sensor light displaying as a problem after driving the car two times later after the appointment. This is a huge problem because I had them repair the car because I was in town visiting family and I live 300 miles away so I cannot bring it back to be fixed.

raice a.
Pulaski, NY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Incompetance lives here...
This is without a doubt the worst shop I have ever dealt with. You will pay at least dealer cost in the end but without the customer service. Multiple trips to correct a job done wrong, using the wrong tools and with an owner that cares apparently zero about his customers.
I give Kudos to the SM Bryan as he ges out of his way to help but becomes the sacrifcial anode.
I have no patience for people so willing to waste my time and money.

Please find another solution.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 06/03/2014
  • I am very confused by this review, as this customer came in requesting that we install 2 front wheel bearings (customer diagnosed) and perform an oil change (no special tools needed and no wrong tools used)
  • 4 months later the customer insisted we replace both front wheel bearings again, but for us to warranty them. (his diagnoses again)
  • Brian checked the car and found both front tires are "choppy" due to an alignment issue and suggested that the tires were the cause of the noise, customer said that was not possible as they were replaced 3-4 months ago.
  • I installed Chassis Ears and test drove the car and found that the left front wheel bearing may be making noise, but hard to tell and said that I would warranty the left front wheel bearing. Customer declined the repair as he still insisted that I replace both front wheel bearing.
  • Customer told Brian that he will leave a negative review if we do not warranty both front wheel bearings.
  • I have no problems warrantying faulty parts when they fail and have even warrantied parts that were out of warranty, I stand behind my service 100%, but can not please everybody no matter how hard I try.

Wes D.
Baldwinsville, NY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
over charged on labor
I retract my prior review. Dishonest about labor rate. Told I had pay for an extra mechanic when $88 an hour was posted on wall. Also had to return for work when I was told I paid for it in full prior visit. Then when they got to working on my car I was told I had to pay an extra 4 hours. Basically I had to pay for the mechanics mistake. This was a deceptive business practice. They lost me as a new customer due to lack of honesty. This is very disappointing and was excited due to the reviews.

Christopher W.
Marietta, NY
MINI Cooper
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
It's back at upstate fixing their work
Belt tensioner bolt fell out after repair. 2 weeks before they came and got it to fix it, still at their shop. Special lug bolt tool was not returned with car. I would like to get the mini back sometime!
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 09/26/2016


My apologizes for the belt tensioner falling off and for the inconvienence you had when it fell off.

The car is all set and good to go, we will be returning it today.

We are not sure where your lug bolt tool is as it was not in the car when we worked on it, we never removed the wheel to do the job, it wasn't easy to do with the tire on, but we had to get the job done. Our service manager did call you asking where the tool was, you said it should be in the car.

Mike M.
Manlius, NY
Saab 900
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
car not fixed still leaking oil
still waiting for part to fix speedometer oil leaks not stopped had the car for 4-5 weeks not a good experience for the money spent and still have all the issues that we brought it there to fix!
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 08/16/2016

Mr Merriam,

Sorry for your bad experience at Upstate Imports. 

You are more than welcome to bring the vehicle back to identify the source of the oil leak. If the leak is originating from our repairs we will be more than happy to correct it under warranty. 

Regarding the speedometer work you requested, we have been unable to source the replacement part due to the limited availability of parts, due the 'early' model year of your vehicle. You were notified of this condition on several occasions. Sourcing factory parts for a vehicle approaching three decades in age from a company that is defunked will generally take much longer than your average car repair. We made many efforts to keep you up to date on the progress of your vehicle.  I am sorry you felt it took too long to repair your vehicle. You were also not billed for any of the time spent with respect to the speedometer work.

Antonio G.
Phoenix, NY
BMW 325i
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
10/12/2015 Category: Service
Spoke with Alyssa. She sad this business provided bad service. She mentioned having to go back 3 times to have the repair fixed and the cost was triple from the prices quoted her. Her heater was not working afterwards, but they already resolved this.
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Emmit S.
Memphis, NY
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Thank you
Owner Jeff acknowledged the error in billing and offered refund for minor overcharge and options for refund. I requested he apply credit refund on my next visit.

Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
oil change sticker shock
I had my 93 Miata inspected this past Monday as well as an oil and filter change. Inspection was $21 but i thought it is $10 if it needs no emissions test. Oil change was around $100 which was unexpected. I am always happy with the service at upstate imports but can’t afford to have oil changed there.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 11/03/2019

Emmit an I spoke about the the pricing and he was correct about the state inspection price of $10 and he was indeed overcharged and the oil that was used was of a very high quality and did cost more than his previous oil change last year due to a lesser quality that was used.

Emmit and I have come to an agreement and Emmit is being issued a credit towards his next needed repairs.

Diane C.
Oswego, NY
MINI Cooper
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
Responsive and concerned owner
I appreciated Jeff's call back about my experience. He had clearly heard the concern and taken action to coach his employees. I appreciate that my concerns did not fall on deaf ears and was addressed.

Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Desk service leaves negative impression
On a recent visit to the Baldwinsville garage, I found the "atmosphere" of the garage to be very different than previous visits and it started with how I was greeted by the front desk clerk. While she immediatly asked if I had an appointment and what was my name, her tone was not friendly or welcoming. She had difficulty finding my appointment time in the computer. For about 1 minute she searched in the computer not offering any explanation as to why she couldn't find my appointment, leaving me to feel a bit anxious about whether or not I had an appointment since I had taken time off from work to attend it. She did find it and told me to have a seat. As I sat in the waiting room, another customer came I indicating he was instructed to bring his car in todayfor service by "Matt" . The front t desk clerk proceeded to curtly tell him there was no way they could look at the car today as they were booked all week and maybe they could look at it on friday. The customer attempted to explain that this other employee told him to come in and he was cutoff by the front desk clerk who indicated that "Matt" should not have told him this and that if he did, then he should have told him to go to the East Syracuse site where this Matt was. The customer asked her to call Matt which she did, but not without complaints about the miscommunication between the two sites. The customer eventually left, agreeing to leave his car at this garage for a Friday appointmnet. After he left, the front desk clerk proceeded to discuss the matter with another employee with waiting customers in the front room, remarking that Jeff needs to address the communication issues between the two sites as this sort of mess cannot continue to happen.
While perhaps a legitimate point, not one to mame when customers are present. My car was done within an hour which I was glad about. As I checked out, even this process was clearly different than in previous visits. I was handed the bill to sign. As I read what was done, the clerk remarked that was all the things that was done and that I would get my own copy. While she did not say this, I was left with the impression that I need not review the bill but only sign it as I Will get a copy to read later.

While the front desk clerk was all business, there was no warm and friendly small talk that would make a customer'experience better and that would leave a positive impression on the customer. In fact, I was thankful to leave this negative, uncomfortable environment. This experience was very different than past visits where the front desk clerk was friendly, helpful and explained what was done to the car and often, someone from the garage wou,d also discuss the work performed. I hope this feedback is helpful and that the business sees a ckmplaint as a gift.

I will continue to recommend the shop in hopes that either it was an unusual day on the day of my visit and not typical or that the atmosphere will change as a rule of this feedback.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 07/11/2017

I spoke with Diane about her review and her experience.

We recently opened a second location and hired a new receptionist and service manager for the Bville location and they are still learning the new software and new customers and dealing with scheduling between the 2 locations.

Diane was just critiquing how the business was being handled (very much appreciated) and that I should know how she was treated.

I printed this out and let the employees involved read for themselves, they did not seem to realize how they mishandled the situation.

Diane is happy with her service otherwise and said she would be back.

Mike D.
Oswego, NY
Porsche Boxster
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
2001 Porsche
After getting in my car I noticed that the air bag warning light was on. This should have been caught in post inspection. I also had an issue with my radio in that it asked for a code. This too should have been caught in a post inspection. Last my car is now idling roughly which it did not do before and should have been caught just starting the vehicle. I must say that I was disappointed in the last service you performed seeing how my previous experiences were all good.
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 11/14/2016


Sorry for the disappointing service and thank you for the feedback.

Your car was towed to us with a dead battery and no start. Upon inspection, we found approximately 3 gallons of water on the drivers floor caused by a plugged roof drain. The water intrusion caused the vehicles' the Immobilizer Module to fail, resulting in the car not starting along with other electrical issues.

We do get cars in all the time with dash lights on i.e., SRS, ABS, Engine light, but customers do not always want us to diagnose those lights out. I apologize for not checking in with you regarding the SRS light.

I also apologize for the oversight on the radio code. We did not turn the radio on and therefore was unaware of this issue. 

Regarding the rough idle, we did not notice this on start-up and your vehicle starter without fail once the Immobilizer was readded to your vehicle. There may be another issue present with the vehicle, unrelated to the Immobilzer. 

Again, I apologize for your recent experience with us and hope that this Reponse helps clarify any questions you may have. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Nick O.
Baldwinsville, NY
Volvo XC90
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
12/24/2015 Category: Service
Nick said the problem is still not fixed. The vehicle has improved but it is still not fixed.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.

Wendy S.
Fulton, NY
Saab 9-3
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
$53 to top off anti-freeze
Have always been very happy with upstate imports and I will keep going there. They are typically very professional and helpful. I am disappointed this time. I brought my car in for a recall and mentioned that my engine coolant light kept going on but I had checked the anti-freeze and it was fine. They basically topped off the antifreeze and charged me $53. No leak or anything (which they checked for). I knew that was not the case - if there was a leak it would have been empty or very low by now. Usually very happy with this business- I guess I just have to be more specific on what I ask for in the future. Wish I had topped it off myself for $3.00
Jeff T. from Upstate Imports Auto Repair responded on 11/06/2015

Wendy - please accept our apologies for your disappointment in your last visit. The low coolant light can be triggered for any number of reasons, and not always present an external leak. We performed a thorough check of why your low coolant light was activating intermittently. This included performing a visual inspection for leaks (both on and off the vehicle lift); pressure testing of the coolant system; and lastly checking the vehicle diagnostics for any codes present.

Juliana G.
New York
Volkswagen Passat
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
07/02/2014 Category: Service
Juliana said the business had her vehicle for a month to fix the fuel pump. When her vehicle was returned, the problem was not fixed. She mentioned that during this service the business initiated no contact.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.

Lucy B.
Oswego, NY
BMW 330i
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Didn't feel as welcomed as initially last year,
I wasn't as confident with my visit as last year. Last year at inspection time, Jeff himself worked on my car and fixed a problem that was constantly stunning all other garages and BMWdealerships. Until recently my car was running very good. Once the weather was freezing up, my car started acting up, finding out the thermostat was stuck which caused sensors to go off. They had smoke tested the car every time I had it inspected, and no one even Jeff last year couldn't find anything, it was the catylac convertor that was the problem, well it seemed like that was again setting off the same code, but who knows. the light on the license plate that needed replacing was fixed last year by your shop and this year needed a whole new unit, so rather than spending any more on these constant issues that no one can make a permenant fix to, I decided to trade it in, you just have to draw the line. The Receptionist is an asset,(very nice), but I didn't feel the positive feedback from anyone else, and was rather set back by a fee for checking it out and really not telling me anything I didn't tell him was wrong with it. Too bad, I feel you are better than the dealershops, but felt you only cater to those who will pay the big bucks, (customer service is a plus if you want people to come back).