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kent A. on 12/17/2014
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"They (V&V) have bitten the hands that fed them too many times!"
We liked Don the owner and he seems to be a fair man. However, after using V&V for several years while owning several vehicles, plus recommending several friends and family who did also use V&V, I have to discontinue using them. Several times the mechanic (greg or gary, a small young rude man) has removed parts on jobs without asking us, and the parts were not returned to us, either. They were (according to the mechanic) 'aftermarket' HID headlights on our Jaguar VandenPlas and an alarm system from our VW Beetle 5pd Turbo and who knows what else since those were not asked to be removed. Even more illegal is V&V's surprise billing, "Your car is ready it 'l be $$$$." that doesn't include parts since we always asked to purchase our own parts. Twice they ran the bill up to over $2000 without getting verification from us. We do understand that this is illegal; but, when we needed our cars back and feared if we gave them any rebuttal paying the bill the mechanic would hold onto the car. How can we trust all this. We had asked Don several times not to have that one mechanic work on our vehicles. We were outraged the mechanic condescendingly told us anytime we come in to the shop you should be prepared to drop at least $1000. We were good customers with 4 nice older vehicles, this is how they treat their GOOD CUSTOMERS, beware!
They (V&V) have bitten the hands that fed them too many times!
I dare you to go see if this happens to you also.
Service Date: 05/30/2014
Review Created: 12/17/2014 02:35 PM